How to get Sponsorship!

Just as you can make BBQ as simple or as complex as you like, Competition BBQ can be as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it too. It is true that you don’t need to spend a lot to have a good time: I competed on rescued Weber kettles for years before I finally got my first stick-burner – a Radar Hill Smokers Vertical Offset. However, if you want to get serious about your BBQ, you need to invest in some good gear, and compete often. These costs add up quickly. To help you out, here’s How to get Sponsorship!

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BBQ & Beats 2017

Recently, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to compete in Australia’s first ‘Day Comp’, at BBQ & Beats 2017 at the NightQuarter in Helensvale. It was a killer comp against many of the best in the game. I’m proud to say I had the cook of my life at this comp and am very proud of my results, against some of the biggest teams on the circuit.  Continue reading BBQ & Beats 2017

The Keys to Consistency

Ask any of the top 10 BBQ competitors in Australia, and they’ll tell you that one of the keys to their success is achieving Consistency. In my interview with Lukas from Rollin’ Smoke BBQ, he filled me in on The Keys to Consistency. Continue reading The Keys to Consistency

Why You Should Start A BBQ Pop-Up

When the BBQ bug bites, it bites hard. Soon, you’ll be increasing your internet allowance to make way for the constant streaming of Youtube videos, increasing your credit card limit to allow for constant Ebay purchases, and increasing the size of your freezer so you can buy 6 briskets when they’re on special. There are many things you can do to compensate for this, and for many, opening a BBQ pop-up is an attractive option. For the rest of us, here’s Why You Should Start A BBQ Pop-Up.  Continue reading Why You Should Start A BBQ Pop-Up

Five Rules for the Perfect Spice Rub

Tony Gimellaro from The Beard and the BBQ, Australia’s self-styled ‘Sauce-Lord’ is known for his big personality and his line of signature BBQ sauces, hailed by many as the best in the country. In a recent interview for the Smoking Hot Confessions Podcast, he also shared loads of tips on preparing rubs. I’ve sifted and sorted these down to what I like to call the Five Rules for the Perfect Spice RubContinue reading Five Rules for the Perfect Spice Rub

Tips for Sourcing, Storing and Ageing your Wood

Sourcing fuel for a ‘stick-burner’ as they’re known is trickier than sourcing charcoal and briquettes, which in turn is trickier than gas or electricity. For briquettes or gas, you can stop in at virtually any service station and get what you need. And an electric BBQ or smoker? Just plug it in and turn it on. Charcoal requires a bit more effort to find a good source. Wood however, requires even more care. In my recent interview with Rod Duggan from the Ministry of Smoke, he shared with me his Tips for Sourcing, Storing and Ageing your Wood. Continue reading Tips for Sourcing, Storing and Ageing your Wood

BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2017

Well folks, this is exciting. Just before Episode 10 launched, where I interviewed Brett Connell from the Flamin Mongrels about Sponsorship, I went up to the Sunshine Coast to judge at the MooloolaBaBQ Festival. While I was there I met a great guy named Julian D’Souza who told me about a festival he was putting together called the BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2017. We chatted back and forth and two days later I got an email asking if I’d like to host the live Q&A session that he had on the schedule. I just couldn’t let an opportunity like that slip by and so of course, I said yes. Continue reading BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2017

Picanha with Green Chimichurri Recipe

Think Brazil, and you think of bright colours, great music and beautiful people. What you don’t often think of is amazing beef – South America produces some of the best beef in the world. Many tourists travel to Brazil for Carnivale – the greatest party in the world. With my Picanha with Green Chimichurri Recipe, you can bring Carnivale to you! Continue reading Picanha with Green Chimichurri Recipe

Buying Your First Offset Smoker

The time has come – you’ve been thinking about it, sneaking looks at websites on your break times, and hiding spare change under the mattress. You’re Buying Your First Offset Smoker.

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