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My name is Ben and I’m here to bring you some Smoking Hot Confessions.

My first BBQ was a little round gas-powered camping BBQ that my Dad gave me when I went to Uni. Although it was a pig of a thing to cook on, I learnt a lot and had some great times with that little ‘Q.

My interest in BBQ’ing continued and I ended up with a four-burner gas-powered hooded BBQ, which I have used to great success.

However, in 2012 I was made redundant from my job and found myself as a stay-at-home Dad, and that’s when it all started…

I started watching YouTube videos looking for different ideas on what to cook for my family’s dinners and before I knew it, I had four BBQs, and was embarking on overnight cookouts. It was a rapid, slippery slope! (I’m now up to ten BBQs for those keeping count…)

I even entered the 2014 Australian Pitmaster Titles (a national BBQ competition) and managed to pick up first place in the Beef category! I’m now even a registered BBQ judge with the Australasian BBQ Alliance. Following this, I entered the Burleigh BBQ Competition in 2015, the second biggest competition in the Southern Hemisphere and took home a 4th for beef.

Throughout my 18 years experience, I’ve learnt many things, but the stand-out is that you don’t need a big fancy bbq, lots of money for expensive ingredients, and tonnes of time in order to cook some good food.

And that is the goal of this blog: to bring sexy BBQ back to the everyman!

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