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The internet is a truly amazing thing – it has made it possible to connect with people all over the world. And now, thanks to the internet, I’m in the position to bring you my GrillaQue review. 

It was shortly after Christmas that a gift arrived at my door: Matt from Changon BBQ had sent me one of his GrillaQues to have a play with.

The GrillaQue is a great accessory that Matt has designed himself for use in Weber Kettle BBQs. It claims to offer unparalleled flexibility to your kettle allowing you elevate your cooking to never before experienced heights. So, what does it do?

The GrillaQue is a device that makes it incredibly easy to create different sized hot and cold zones on your Weber Kettle allowing you to use your grill more effectively as a smoker. Controlling the size of the hot zone is a very important step in controlling the temperature: smaller hot zones mean lower temperatures resulting in ‘Low’n’Slow’.

Furthermore, the GrillaQue has a water reservoir. The purposes of this is twofold. Firstly, as the water heats it creates steam making the inside of your kettle moist and reduces the drying out of the meat that you’re cooking. The second purpose of the water is to act as a heat sink which helps to regulate or ‘even out’ the heat coming off the coals. An even heat results in more even cooking, reducing the chances of one side of a large cut being done before another.

So, how does it go?

GrillaQue Review 1 That’s a serious looking Gorilla!

The first thing that struck me was the exceptionally attractive packaging. There are not many suppliers out there who put the attention in the finer details. This communicates from the outset that this is a serious BBQ accessory. I mean, just look at that Gorilla – you can tell he’s serious about BBQ!

GrillaQue Review 2 Ooooh, shiny!

I was happy to see that the attention to detail didn’t stop with the packaging. I was struck with how well built the GrillaQue is. The stainless steel body was quite thick and sturdy and quality of the craftsmanship was obvious. Research for this GrillaQue review revealed that it uses 18 gauge stainless and is made in the good ol’ US of A. It also comes with a handy colour booklet illustrating how to use it.

GrillaQue Review 3 Handy!

GrillaQue Review 4Time to go to work!

This GrillaQue review wouldn’t be worth the pixels it’s written on if I didn’t actually put it to work and so I decided to use it on Australia Day as part of a beef-rib and Vietnamese BBQ Chicken cook out I was putting on for some friends from BJJ Lotus Club.

As I was doing a low’n’slow cook I had the GrillaQue pushed up hard against one side, creating a larger cool zone for my ribs. I foiled the bottom of my kettle to help with air-flow control and filled the GrillaQue with water while I was waiting for my charcoal to light. It wasn’t long before the ribs were on the test was under way.

GrillaQue Review 8Roll call!

GrillaQue Review 5Kick-off!

GrillaQue Review 6A little thirsty…

An hour in, I opened up the kettle to spritz my ribs and noticed that the GrillaQue had used about half of the water, meaning that it will need to be refilled every two hours when running the BBQ at 275F like I was. Whilst this may seem like a weakness, the design allows you the possibility of adding more meat on the lower grill, or adding a pan to catch the drippings for gravy and sauces. To me, this is most definitely an acceptable compromise.

From here it was rinse and repeat for the next 9 hours until my ribs were done.

GrillaQue Review 9This one’s for all you kettle fans…

GrillaQue Review 7And, voila!

The end result was, frankly, amazing. The ribs had a great smoke ring, and the fat and other tissues had totally rendered out of the meat. The bark however, was the stand out. This was next level: definitely better than any beef ribs I’d cooked previously. There were certainly no left overs from the BJJ crowd!

GrillaQue Review 10Thumbs up for the GrillaQue!

So what of the GrillaQue Review? The GrillaQue is a well-designed, well-built and well-presented BBQ accessory that I will definitely enjoy using for years to come. It offers un-matched flexibility for your kettle and will help produce amazing results. I have no hesitation recommending the GrillaQue.

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