Burleigh BBQ Championships 2016 Gallery

The last weekend of July saw over 200 BBQ-mad competitors return to Burleigh Heads for the Burleigh BBQ Championships 2016. This was the second outing for the festival and the Burleigh BBQ Championships 2016 was without doubt bigger and better than before. Continue reading Burleigh BBQ Championships 2016 Gallery

Brisbane BBQ Festival – Photo Gallery

You may have recently read my review of the 2016 Brisbane BBQ Festival. It was a truly great day out and I’ve already penciled it in my calendar for next year. Continue reading Brisbane BBQ Festival – Photo Gallery

Brisbane BBQ Festival 2016

Last weekend I was priviledged to be a judge at the second Brisbane BBQ Festival. I am very happy to report that the Brisbane BBQ Festival was incredible on all levels, from the venues, to the vendors, and of course to the competitors. The Brisbane BBQ Festival truly was Bigger, Better and Longer than before!  Continue reading Brisbane BBQ Festival 2016

Maple Bacon Pecan Pie Recipe

For this Maple Bacon Pecan Pie recipe, I took a few of my favourite things and put them together to make this amazing masterpiece. I have to actually give credit to my son for this one: we were going out to a picnic for our Jiu Jitsu club and my son said ‘We can’t go to the party without a pie Daddy, we have to make a pie’. Of course, it was 7pm of the night before the party. I went to the cupboard, opened it up and it was like a golden angelic aura came flowing out into the kitchen. I actually wish I’d made three of these – we ran out in two minutes flat at the picnic!  Continue reading Maple Bacon Pecan Pie Recipe

Asado Ribs Recipe w/ Chimichurri Rojo

Argentina, the second largest country in South America, is a place of amazing beauty, containing the Andes mountains, stunning glacial lakes and of course, Patagonia. However, it is also renowned for its amazing beef which is raised in the Pampas, the traditional grazing grounds of Argentina. As such, beef, and therefore BBQ, is a huge part of Argentinian culture. Many argue that no one does beef like the Argentinians… Give this Argentinian Asado Ribs Recipe a crack and you’ll agree! Continue reading Asado Ribs Recipe w/ Chimichurri Rojo

How to make Bacon at Home

There are few things in this world as popular right now as bacon. Be it side, streaky, middle, back, cottage, jowl or slab, bacon has become not just a staple of kitchens (almost) all over the world, but also countless memes all across social media and has even been dubbed ‘the duct tape of food.’ However, store bought bacon is not your only option: here’s how to make bacon at home! Continue reading How to make Bacon at Home

The Beast Kit Review

Hailing from Louisiana, New Orleans, Grill Beast is a BBQ accessory company unlike any other: they have exceptional quality gear which they proudly and confidently back with exceptional warranty. I was therefore honoured when I was sent a kit to have a play with. And so it is that I am able to bring you The Beast Kit Review. Continue reading The Beast Kit Review

Texan Brisket Passover Recipe

April sees us celebrating Passover, one of the most important events on the Jewish calendar and commemorates the freeing of the Jewish slaves from Egypt under the leadership of Moses. And so we have our Texan Brisket Passover Recipe, with Sweet Potato Pie, Veggie Kebobs and Homemade Matza Bread. Continue reading Texan Brisket Passover Recipe

BBQ Dragon Review

In writing this BBQ Dragon Review I discovered the most frustrating, disappointing gadget I’ve ever come across. Until I realised that I was the problem…

Continue reading BBQ Dragon Review

Beef Spice Rub Recipe

The more you learn about BBQing, you more you’ll find that the key element of any cookout, which will often set cuts of meat apart, particularly at competitions like the Burleigh BBQ Competition, is the spice rub. In this article I’ll be sharing my beef spice rub recipe. I have used it with great success with both beef ribs and also with brisketContinue reading Beef Spice Rub Recipe