SHC Lands First Podcast Sponsor!

It is with great pleasure and of course gratitude that I can now announce that the Smoking Hot Confessions has landed its first podcast sponsor. This incredibly exciting opportunity has come about partly due to the interest expressed by you, the Smoking Hot Confessions fan base in seeing the first Australian BBQ Podcast come about.

Podcast Sponsor

This company will be sponsoring the third segment of the show and has donated prizes to give away to live participants in the show. I know what you’re thinking: ‘Wait, what? Segments? Prizes?’ All will be revealed in due time!

I’ll be announcing who the podcast sponsor is in the next few days, but wanted to see if you could guess who it is? Let me know who you think it could be in the comments below. Want some hints? Head on over to the Smoking Hot Confessions Facebook page for more!

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