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Bonus Episodes

018 Live @ BBQ Wars 2017

Ep 18 of the Smoking Hot Confessions Podcast sees me head to Port Macquarie for the Blues & BBQ Festival, or as it’s known in the circuit, BBQ Wars. With 101 teams, not only was it the biggest comp in the Southern Hemisphere, it was the biggest competition ever outside of the US. What started out as a fun weekend away with mates quickly evolved into something very unexpected…

017 Live @ Burleigh BBQ Championships 2017

I hit the pavement at the fabulous Burleigh BBQ Championships 2017 to chat to as many people as possible. I got to meet up with a range of new and experienced teams and event got some one-on-one time with BBQ great, Andy Groneman, which I of course recorded and am sharing in this episode.

016 Live @ BBQ & Beats 2017

In this episode I throw my hat in the ring and compete against seven of the biggest names currently on the comp circuit at BBQ & Beats at the Night Quarter. But not before picking their brains for some great tips and advice!


015 Live @ Brisbane BBQ Festival 2017

This episode is coming to you hot off the mic from the Brisbane BBQ Festival 2017. This was the third year in a row that I’d covered the event. The difference this year – I got to be MC!

014 Live @ Clean Heat Rib-Off 2017

Not too long ago I was very privileged to have the opportunity to MC the Clean Heat Charcoal BBQ Rib-Off for Underground BBQ. It was essentially a down-and-dirty grudge match to work out who cooks the best pork ribs in Australia once and for all, earning themselves the title of Rib King or Queen. Oh, and a cool $1,000. In cash!

013 Michael Trajkovic – Butchers Axe

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a BBQ competitor? Can you remember your first BBQ competition? This exciting episode is a 3 part interview with Michael from Butchers Axe as we chat before, during and after their first comp – Meatstock Melbourne. They may have entered the comp as underdogs, but they proved they have a hell of a bite!

012 Live @ Meatstock Melbourne 2017

I’m so excited to be able to offer you an opportunity to either relive or live vicariously through me, the recent Melbourne Meatstock festival. This episode is a compilation of many mini-interviews I did over the weekend, ranging from competitors to suppliers and promoters to BBQ royalty. In these interviews I get tips and advice from all the  big names and get to introduce you to some serious up-and-comers.

011 Live @ BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2017

This very exciting bonus episode is a recording of the Q&A session that I hosted live at the BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2017. The theme was ‘From Back Yard to Pit Yard, what inspires Competitive BBQ’ers’. The special guests included Shank Bros BBQ, Sandgroper BBQ, cand Serial Grillers.

Season One – Comp Ready
Episodes 001 – 010

010 Brett Connell – Sponsorship

Brett Connell from Flamin’ Mongrels BBQ, one of Australia’s top-performing and well-sponsored teams drops by the Confessional to teach us where to find and how to land sponsorship for our BBQ teams!

009 Ralph Barnett – Branding

Ralph Barnett from Shank Brothers BBQ is one half of the team that one TV’s Aussie BBQ Heroes. He’s here to school us on one of the more ‘businessy’ aspects of competition BBQ: Branding.

008 Lukas Armstrong – Consistency

Lukas Armstrong from Rollin’ Smoke BBQ drops by the Confessional to share with us all his secrets to Consistency. He explains what it means to be Consistent and most importantly, how!

007 Rohan Peterson – Teams & Teamwork

Rohan Peterson from Ro’N’Slow BBQ Team,  the Thunder from Down Down Down Under talks to us about teams and teamwork, quite possibly one of the most important topics in this series.

 006 Tony Gimellaro – Rubs and Sauces

Tony Gimellaro from The Beard and the BBQ, is currently in the Top Ten in the country, he’s a caterer, and now a sauce producer with his signature line of sauces available nation-wide in the chain of Barbeques Galore stores. In this podcast Tony shares everything he knows about rubs and sauces.

005 Rod Duggan – Fuels

Rod, from the Ministry of Smoke, has literally decades of experience to share about different types of fuels: where to find them, how to season them, and how to best manage your fires!

004 Chris Davey – Offsets vs Verticals

Chris, from the Top 10 team The Smoking Hot Bros, cooks on both, so was the perfect person to dive into the arguments for and against offsets and verticals.

SHC Podcast Dan Midgely

003 Dan Midgely – Offset Smokers

Dan from BSG Smokers is a straight shooter who answered every question I could think to ask about buying, building and using an offset smoker.


002 Billy Gibney – Competition Cuts

Billy from Meat at Billy’s gives us insights into competition cuts of meat – how to find them, how to select them, and shares some hints on what to do with them!

001 Adam Roberts – The Australasian Barbecue Alliance

In the 1st episode of the Smoking Hot Confessions Podcast, I have a good chat with Adam Roberts, co-founder of the Australasian Barbecue  Alliance.

Plans are already underway for Season 2. For now, I’m keeping it all under wraps.

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