012 Live @ Meatstock Melbourne 2017

Tuffy Stone, Meatstock MelbourneI’m super excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to either relive or live vicariously through me, the recent Meatstock Melbourne festival.

I was very lucky to be able to head south for the first Meatstock Melbourne festival. It was the largest BBQ competition in Victoria’s history and it was a weekend full of amazing surprises. It was literally acres and acres of competition teams, vendors, caterers, bands, barbers, butchers, muscle cars, Harleys and even entertainment for the kids. There was literally something for everyone.

This episode is a compilation of many mini-interviews I did over the weekend, ranging from competitors to suppliers and promoters to BBQ royalty. In these interviews I get tips and advice from all the  big names and get to introduce you to some serious up-and-comers.

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  1. Ash – Manning Valley Natural Smokers
  2. Derrick – El Guapo and Sons
  3. Dan – Country Boys BBQ
  4. Brett & Ash – Manning Valley Natural Smokers
  5. Mark – Smartfire
  6. Steve – Southern Cross Smokers
  7. Laura – Weber
  8. Linda – Pit’s Perfect
  9. Adam – Manhorne Smokers
  10. Grant – The Smoking Joint
  11. David Ong
  12. Adam – Australasian Barbecue Alliance
  13. Tuffy Stone
  14. Ash – Manning Valley Natural Smokers
  15. Jess Pryles
  16. Linda – Highland Q
  17. Janson – Rangers Texas BBQ
  18. Jay Beaumont – Meatstock
  19. Gus – Gusface Grillah
  20. Awards