Stuffed Chicken Thighs with Vine-Ripened Cherry Tomatoes and Asparagus

Tonight’s dinner was… wow… just… wow…

I couldn’t fit it all in the title, but we had Chicken Thighs stuffed with Feta and Sun-Dried Tomatoes, wrapped in Bacon, topped with herbs and spices, and served with sides of grilled vine-ripened Cherry Tomatoes and Asparagus. All for under $20!

So, how did we get there? 

IMG_6803 v2

Here are the raw ingredients. You’ll note the use of streaky bacon, not regular breakfast bacon. If you can’t find streaky bacon, cut the head off your regular breakfast bacon and just use the tails.

IMG_6807 v2

Here we are with the chicken thighs rolled up with a stick of feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes inside, with a strip of bacon rolled around each. Make sure you secure the bacon with toothpicks, but put them through the same line, on the same angle, so they’ll cook better later. You see why in the photos.

IMG_6812 v2

On a low heat setting, preheat your hot plate for ten minutes before starting cooking. In my case, I was using a four-burner gas BBQ, so I used two burners under the hotplate, on the lowest setting. Once the chicken was on there, I turned off the burner that the chicken wasn’t sitting above and set the tomatoes on this cooler side. See how I’ve got the toothpicks coming through the same line on the same angle? This will help with rotating the chicken to ensure even cooking.

IMG_6819 v2

IMG_1440 v2

Rotate the chicken pieces every fifteen minutes. The burner under the tomatoes should still be turned off at this stage.

IMG_1448 v2

At the one hour mark, the chicken should be done, so turn the gas off under the chicken, and turn it on under the tomatoes to the lowest setting. There should be some bacon oil on your hotplate. Coat the asparagus in the bacon oil, turn a grill burner onto the lowest setting and put them on. After five minutes, jostle them around so they grill evenly and after another five minutes, shut the BBQ down and take the food off.

IMG_1456 v2

Here it is all cooked up, ready to be plated.

IMG_1463 v2

And here is the finished product. Crispy bacon, creamy feta, savory sun-dried tomatoes and delicious sides… makes me hungry again already!

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