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Maple Bacon Pecan Pie Recipe

For this Maple Bacon Pecan Pie recipe, I took a few of my favourite things and put them together to make this amazing masterpiece. I have to actually give credit to my son for this one: we were going out to a picnic for our Jiu Jitsu club and my son said ‘We can’t go to the party without a pie Daddy, we have to make a pie’. Of course, it was 7pm of the night before the party. I went to the cupboard, opened it up and it was like a golden angelic aura came flowing out into the kitchen. I actually wish I’d made three of these – we ran out in two minutes flat at the picnic!  Continue reading Maple Bacon Pecan Pie Recipe

How to make Bacon at Home

There are few things in this world as popular right now as bacon. Be it side, streaky, middle, back, cottage, jowl or slab, bacon has become not just a staple of kitchens (almost) all over the world, but also countless memes all across social media and has even been dubbed ‘the duct tape of food.’ However, store bought bacon is not your only option: here’s how to make bacon at home! Continue reading How to make Bacon at Home

Ninja Turtle Burgers – Catering for Kids!

We’ve already established that I’m one of those Dad’s that enjoys tormenting his kids. Having already cooked up my son’s favourite Octonaut it was time to make him more of his heroes: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle burgers! These ninja turtle burgers have been bouncing around the internet for a while and I’ve been wanting to give them a go. My son’s fourth birthday party was the perfect opportunity. Boy, did I learn some lessons! Continue reading Ninja Turtle Burgers – Catering for Kids!

Smoke a Thanksgiving Fatty and Relax!

Thanksgiving isn’t something that we do here in Australia: it’s an American and Canadian tradition. My American family members tell me that it’s even more important than Christmas. So for those of us NOT from that continent, what happens on Thanksgiving?  Continue reading Smoke a Thanksgiving Fatty and Relax!

Bacon Jam – just… Wow!

I’ve never been a trend-setter: I’ve always been one these people who finally gets his hands on the latest thing about two years after they’ve dropped off the radar. When I was in high school the hottest thing around was a Kuta Lines hoodie. However, in the mid-90’s a $100 hoodie was simply not on the cards. I was tormented mercilessly by all the cool kids with their hoodies drawn tight over their pimply faces for not having one. Finally, when they dropped to a far more reasonable $40 (still outrageous when you think about it!), my Mum gave in and bought me one. I was so proud when I was able to wear it to school. Only to be torn to pieces by the cool kids who had by now moved on to something else and the hoodies were no longer the latest and greatest. And so it was that after hearing about this amazing thing called Bacon Jam that everyone was talking about, I finally found a recipe on a website I wanted to try. Dated 2013!

Continue reading Bacon Jam – just… Wow!

BBQ Breakfast: Supercharged Scrambled Eggs

Sometimes you have a lot of physical work you need to do. On these days you need a protein injection. And it’s best if it’s first thing in the morning. These scrambled eggs feature a supercharged protein injection which will keep you going all day long. Continue reading BBQ Breakfast: Supercharged Scrambled Eggs

Maple & Pineapple Glazed Seafood Kebobs

I’ve always been a big fan of seafood and have always loved a big bowl of prawns at Christmas. I’ve also loved pineapple juice, and pancakes with maple syrup. Oh and bacon… So I was thinking why not put them all together?

This is dead set simple but one of the tastiest things you’ll ever cook. The only ‘trick’ is the glaze, but if you can melt some butter and stir with a spoon, you can make a glaze. Continue reading Maple & Pineapple Glazed Seafood Kebobs

Back to Basics: A Deluxe Bacon and Egg Sandwich

There is nothing quite as seductive as a Bacon and Egg Sandwich. I don’t know if it is the saltiness, the smokiness, or the savoury taste of bacon, or perhaps it’s a combination of all three, but there is simply nothing quite like that first delicious taste, with a mug of hot coffee early in the morning. Or lunch. Or dinner.

Fortunately, if you own a grill, you can make the best bacon and egg sandwich that you’ve had in a long time. It’s dead sexy, and it’s dead easy.  Continue reading Back to Basics: A Deluxe Bacon and Egg Sandwich

For St Patrick’s Day – Bangers, Colcannon and Guinness Gravy

The most famous day of the month of March would have to be undoubtedly St Patrick’s Day. For most of us, it just means dressing up, drinking some green beer and making some awful attempts at Irish accents! On that one day per year, everybody is Irish! But what is St Patrick’s Day actually about?

Firstly, the word ‘saint’ is in the title, so it must be some church thing right? Correct! St Patrick’s Day is actually a Christian feast day, celebrating St Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland and dates back to the seventeenth century. Perhaps most interesting is that it is the one day during the period of Lent where the rules regarding eating and drinking alcohol are lifted, resulting in the modern celebration of feasts, parties, and pitchers of green beer.

So what do you think about jumping on your ‘Q to cook up a great St Patrick’s Day feast? And what if that recipe included the master of all Irish beers, Guinness? With this in mind, it is my pleasure to present’ Bangers and Colcannon, with Guinness Gravy’: it’s divine! Colcannon is a complex, naughty Irish version of mash potatoes – once you’ve had Colcannon you’ll never look at regular potatoes the same way again.  Continue reading For St Patrick’s Day – Bangers, Colcannon and Guinness Gravy