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How to get Sponsorship!

Just as you can make BBQ as simple or as complex as you like, Competition BBQ can be as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it too. It is true that you don’t need to spend a lot to have a good time: I competed on rescued Weber kettles for years before I finally got my first stick-burner – a Radar Hill Smokers Vertical Offset. However, if you want to get serious about your BBQ, you need to invest in some good gear, and compete often. These costs add up quickly. To help you out, here’s How to get Sponsorship!

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Why You Should Start A BBQ Pop-Up

When the BBQ bug bites, it bites hard. Soon, you’ll be increasing your internet allowance to make way for the constant streaming of Youtube videos, increasing your credit card limit to allow for constant Ebay purchases, and increasing the size of your freezer so you can buy 6 briskets when they’re on special. There are many things you can do to compensate for this, and for many, opening a BBQ pop-up is an attractive option. For the rest of us, here’s Why You Should Start A BBQ Pop-Up.  Continue reading Why You Should Start A BBQ Pop-Up

BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2017

Well folks, this is exciting. Just before Episode 10 launched, where I interviewed Brett Connell from the Flamin Mongrels about Sponsorship, I went up to the Sunshine Coast to judge at the MooloolaBaBQ Festival. While I was there I met a great guy named Julian D’Souza who told me about a festival he was putting together called the BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2017. We chatted back and forth and two days later I got an email asking if I’d like to host the live Q&A session that he had on the schedule. I just couldn’t let an opportunity like that slip by and so of course, I said yes. Continue reading BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2017

Brisbane BBQ Festival 2016

Last weekend I was priviledged to be a judge at the second Brisbane BBQ Festival. I am very happy to report that the Brisbane BBQ Festival was incredible on all levels, from the venues, to the vendors, and of course to the competitors. The Brisbane BBQ Festival truly was Bigger, Better and Longer than before!  Continue reading Brisbane BBQ Festival 2016

How to make Bacon at Home

There are few things in this world as popular right now as bacon. Be it side, streaky, middle, back, cottage, jowl or slab, bacon has become not just a staple of kitchens (almost) all over the world, but also countless memes all across social media and has even been dubbed ‘the duct tape of food.’ However, store bought bacon is not your only option: here’s how to make bacon at home! Continue reading How to make Bacon at Home

Apple and Caramel Pie: A BBQ Dessert

My Apple and Caramel Pie is a BBQ dessert that is always a crowd pleaser. Except for diabetics. They don’t care for it much. For the rest of us though, this is a nice, easy pie that you can make in your bbq that is going to really set your parties apart from all the others. Be warned though: this recipe is chock full of butter, brown sugar and cream so it’s not for the faint-hearted.  Continue reading Apple and Caramel Pie: A BBQ Dessert

Herb-Encrusted Swordfish Salad

It is a father’s privilege, nay, a duty to torment his son. Drawing inspiration from watching his favourite episode of his favourite show for the eighty-eleventh time it was with the greatest pleasure that I served him up one of his favourite Octonauts: Herb-Encrusted Swordfish Salad.  Continue reading Herb-Encrusted Swordfish Salad

Dixie Chicken – BBQ’d Soul Food…

The first time I heard of Dixie Chicken was when I was listening to a live version of the Dave Matthews Band song Crash into Me, a song that brought my wife and I together after I  later butchered played it live in a dingy little underground bar in South Korea.

A little research revealed that Dixie Chicken hails from the heart of the south of the USA and is one of the many foods that falls under the banner of Soul Food. To me, having grown up in a small country town in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia, ‘Soul Food’ was the name of the diner that Aretha Franklin ran in ‘The Blues Brothers’. However, Soul Food is an incredibly important part of African American culture, particularly in the context of the human rights movement. It was therefore with great respect and trepidation that I attempted my own version of Dixie Chicken.  Continue reading Dixie Chicken – BBQ’d Soul Food…

Burleigh BBQ Comp – Photo Gallery

Between competing in the Burleigh BBQ Comp where I learned several important lessons about Competition Q’ing and being an official at the Bangalow BBQ and Bluegrass Festival, it’s been a very busy last couple of weeks.

I’ve managed to catch up some photography processing time (and some sleep!) and so please enjoy this complete photo gallery for the Burleigh BBQ Comp. Continue reading Burleigh BBQ Comp – Photo Gallery

Bangalow BBQ and Bluegrass Festival…

Marking the end of the BBQ season in the northern states, the Bangalow BBQ and Bluegrass Festival was a fitting end to what’s been a great season of BBQ shenanigans, providing sunshine, good music, great food, and family-friendly fun for all ages. Best of all, a whole lot of money was raised for local schools in the Bangalow region, and a whole lot of people had a whole lot of fun.

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