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BBQ & Beats 2017

Recently, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to compete in Australia’s first ‘Day Comp’, at BBQ & Beats 2017 at the NightQuarter in Helensvale. It was a killer comp against many of the best in the game. I’m proud to say I had the cook of my life at this comp and am very proud of my results, against some of the biggest teams on the circuit.  Continue reading BBQ & Beats 2017

Asado Ribs Recipe w/ Chimichurri Rojo

Argentina, the second largest country in South America, is a place of amazing beauty, containing the Andes mountains, stunning glacial lakes and of course, Patagonia. However, it is also renowned for its amazing beef which is raised in the Pampas, the traditional grazing grounds of Argentina. As such, beef, and therefore BBQ, is a huge part of Argentinian culture. Many argue that no one does beef like the Argentinians… Give this Argentinian Asado Ribs Recipe a crack and you’ll agree! Continue reading Asado Ribs Recipe w/ Chimichurri Rojo

Beef Spice Rub Recipe

The more you learn about BBQing, you more you’ll find that the key element of any cookout, which will often set cuts of meat apart, particularly at competitions like the Burleigh BBQ Competition, is the spice rub. In this article I’ll be sharing my beef spice rub recipe. I have used it with great success with both beef ribs and also with brisketContinue reading Beef Spice Rub Recipe

Myron Mixon vs Me: The Great Rib-Off

Myron Mixon is without doubt the biggest name in BBQ. He is a three time World BBQ Champion and the chief host of TV’s BBQ Pitmasters. It is therefore no surprise that I, like many countless thousands of others bought his book ‘Smokin’ with Myron Mixon‘.

One of my favourite things to cook is beef short ribs and so naturally I went straight to his recipe – I had to see how it was different to my own. Now I’m pretty proud of my shorties: I managed to pull a 4th place at last year’s Burleigh BBQ Competition, the 2nd biggest BBQ competition in the southern hemisphere. However, it was when I started to read  Myron Mixon’s recipe that things got really interesting.

Continue reading Myron Mixon vs Me: The Great Rib-Off

GrillaQue Review

The internet is a truly amazing thing – it has made it possible to connect with people all over the world. And now, thanks to the internet, I’m in the position to bring you my GrillaQue review.  Continue reading GrillaQue Review

A Run at Ribs…

Last week I had A Bash at Brisket and was pretty happy with the results, but it just wasn’t comp-ready. So I decided to take a run at my old nemesis: beef ribs. Continue reading A Run at Ribs…