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My Secret Ingredient

11150299_387996684737178_6486294376065386886_nA few weeks ago I announced that Smoking Hot Confessions would be entering a team in the 2015 Burleigh BBQ Competition in August. It’s part of the GroovenFood Festival. This is very exciting news and I’m hoping to capitalise on the success of last year at the 2014 Australian Pitmaster Titles, where my team and I won first prize in the beef category.

Part of competition BBQing is creating your own spice rubs and sauces. These need to compliment each other, but the starting point is with a unique spice rub. People will go to extraordinary lengths to create the most amazing flavour profile they can think of and will then lock it away as a deep, dark secret. At Smoking Hot Confessions, that’s not what I’m about. I’m about passing on what I’ve learnt. With that in mind, here’s how I created my secret ingredient for this competition: home-smoked chilies.

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Roast Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary

The first holiday that we ever took our son on was a camping holiday. We went out into the bush, slept in tents and cooked over wood fires. And now that’s all we hear about.

“Daddy, don’t go to work. Let’s go camping.”

“Daddy, today is camping day.”

Last weekend he started on about camping again and I had a devilishly good idea: what if I could simulate camping in the back yard? A friend had given me a fire pit, and my Mum had given us a camp oven so it seemed only logical to put the two together. And roast some marshmallows of course! Continue reading Roast Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary