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BBQ & Beats 2017

Recently, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to compete in Australia’s first ‘Day Comp’, at BBQ & Beats 2017 at the NightQuarter in Helensvale. It was a killer comp against many of the best in the game. I’m proud to say I had the cook of my life at this comp and am very proud of my results, against some of the biggest teams on the circuit.  Continue reading BBQ & Beats 2017

Dixie Chicken – BBQ’d Soul Food…

The first time I heard of Dixie Chicken was when I was listening to a live version of the Dave Matthews Band song Crash into Me, a song that brought my wife and I together after I  later butchered played it live in a dingy little underground bar in South Korea.

A little research revealed that Dixie Chicken hails from the heart of the south of the USA and is one of the many foods that falls under the banner of Soul Food. To me, having grown up in a small country town in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia, ‘Soul Food’ was the name of the diner that Aretha Franklin ran in ‘The Blues Brothers’. However, Soul Food is an incredibly important part of African American culture, particularly in the context of the human rights movement. It was therefore with great respect and trepidation that I attempted my own version of Dixie Chicken.  Continue reading Dixie Chicken – BBQ’d Soul Food…

Chicken Lollipops… FAIL!

There are some days where you put together a meal and sit back afterwards and think ‘Wow, did I just do that? That was one for the history books’. Then you have ones like I did last weekend. Total, utter fail.  Continue reading Chicken Lollipops… FAIL!

A Banquet for Chinese New Year – ‘Gong Hay Fat Choy Everybody!’

Hey there everyone,

Thursday the 19th of February is Chinese New Year and if you live in a multicultural part of the country you can expect a great party! Make sure you say ‘Gong Hay Fat Choy’ – it’s Happy New Year in Cantonese. Continue reading A Banquet for Chinese New Year – ‘Gong Hay Fat Choy Everybody!’

The day I nearly blew up my house…

Hi there folks,

I wanted to share a funny story with you from when I first decided to start moving beyond grilling and into roasting. In fact this story is about my very first try! (There’s a hidden message here. Keep your eyes peeled and you might spot it!)  Continue reading The day I nearly blew up my house…