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Five Rules for the Perfect Spice Rub

Tony Gimellaro from The Beard and the BBQ, Australia’s self-styled ‘Sauce-Lord’ is known for his big personality and his line of signature BBQ sauces, hailed by many as the best in the country. In a recent interview for the Smoking Hot Confessions Podcast, he also shared loads of tips on preparing rubs. I’ve sifted and sorted these down to what I like to call the Five Rules for the Perfect Spice RubContinue reading Five Rules for the Perfect Spice Rub

SHC Lands First Podcast Sponsor!

It is with great pleasure and of course gratitude that I can now announce that the Smoking Hot Confessions has landed its first podcast sponsor. This incredibly exciting opportunity has come about partly due to the interest expressed by you, the Smoking Hot Confessions fan base in seeing the first Australian BBQ Podcast come about. Continue reading SHC Lands First Podcast Sponsor!

Podcast Guests Confirmed

As you are aware, I’ve been working on an exciting new project, a brand new podcast, all about BBQ. I’ve been working literally day and night on this podcast and wanted to let you know where I’m up to with it.  Continue reading Podcast Guests Confirmed