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Five Rules for the Perfect Spice Rub

Tony Gimellaro from The Beard and the BBQ, Australia’s self-styled ‘Sauce-Lord’ is known for his big personality and his line of signature BBQ sauces, hailed by many as the best in the country. In a recent interview for the Smoking Hot Confessions Podcast, he also shared loads of tips on preparing rubs. I’ve sifted and sorted these down to what I like to call the Five Rules for the Perfect Spice RubContinue reading Five Rules for the Perfect Spice Rub

Beef Spice Rub Recipe

The more you learn about BBQing, you more you’ll find that the key element of any cookout, which will often set cuts of meat apart, particularly at competitions like the Burleigh BBQ Competition, is the spice rub. In this article I’ll be sharing my beef spice rub recipe. I have used it with great success with both beef ribs and also with brisketContinue reading Beef Spice Rub Recipe

Chicken Lollipops… FAIL!

There are some days where you put together a meal and sit back afterwards and think ‘Wow, did I just do that? That was one for the history books’. Then you have ones like I did last weekend. Total, utter fail.  Continue reading Chicken Lollipops… FAIL!