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Herb-Encrusted Swordfish Salad

It is a father’s privilege, nay, a duty to torment his son. Drawing inspiration from watching his favourite episode of his favourite show for the eighty-eleventh time it was with the greatest pleasure that I served him up one of his favourite Octonauts: Herb-Encrusted Swordfish Salad.  Continue reading Herb-Encrusted Swordfish Salad

Surf ‘N Turfinara

Prawns have always held a very important place in my family: growing up in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales they were always a Christmas special because living two hours inland they were too expensive to be anything but a once-a-year treat. As a result, prawns, to us, symbolise joy, celebration, love and gratitude. The first question that gets asked any time we have a family reunion is ‘Who’s bringing the prawns?’ Luckily, I now live on the Gold Coast and have a fish market two blocks from my house: I get to feel spoiled all year-round!

Continue reading Surf ‘N Turfinara

A Father’s Day Platter

Father’s Day is coming soon in Australia – the first Sunday in September for those not sure. Whether you are a Father or not, Father’s Day is a time to reflect on what it is that makes these people great. These are the people that have worked long hours to put roofs over our heads, food in our bellies and all the other stuff that we wanted but didn’t need. Father’s Day is a time to spoil the Fathers in your life (or yourself!). To this end, I’ve put together a Father’s Day Platter of steak and five veg that anybody can put on for a touch over $50. Best of all, it’s so simple that kids (under supervision of course!) could do it! Continue reading A Father’s Day Platter

Dalmatian Rib-Eyes with Hasselback Potatoes

For tonight’s recipe, we’ll be using a method called the Reverse Sear, which is to grilling what Reverse Cow Girl is to Missionary! Essentially, you’re going to cook your steak using indirect heat and just giving it a quick sizzle on direct heat to push it over the top. The result is a slow-cooked, succulent, juicy piece of meat every time. This works best with thick steaks but you can give it a go with anything. Continue reading Dalmatian Rib-Eyes with Hasselback Potatoes

Seasoned Porterhouse Steak with Sweet Potato Chips & Onion Hash

Last night’s dinner was a beautiful porterhouse steak, seasoned with Montreal Steak Seasoning, Sweet Potato Chips, and an Onion, Mushroom, and Cabbage Hash with a secret spice blend. Very delicious, healthy, and minimal washing up!  Continue reading Seasoned Porterhouse Steak with Sweet Potato Chips & Onion Hash