A Father’s Day Platter

A Platter

Father’s Day is coming soon in Australia – the first Sunday in September for those not sure. Whether you are a Father or not, Father’s Day is a time to reflect on what it is that makes these people great. These are the people that have worked long hours to put roofs over our heads, food in our bellies and all the other stuff that we wanted but didn’t need. Father’s Day is a time to spoil the Fathers in your life (or yourself!). To this end, I’ve put together a Father’s Day Platter of steak and five veg that anybody can put on for a touch over $50. Best of all, it’s so simple that kids (under supervision of course!) could do it!

Season your steaks prior to cooking. Use your favourite steak spice: mine is Montreal Seasoning. I can’t get enough of the stuff. Spray the steaks with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray and apply the seasoning. Turn them over and repeat. Cover with cling wrap and place them in the fridge.

Preheat your hotplate to a medium heat. We will be using the grill later too!

While the BBQ is heating, spray some small, baby potatoes with the olive oil and season them with salt and pepper. Make sure the potatoes are evenly oiled as we will be cooking all sides and don’t want any of them burning.

Season up those potatoes!
Onto the hotplate...
Turn regularly for even cooking...
Add the tomatoes...

Once the hotplate has reached temperature, spray it with some of the olive oil, grab some corn cobs and your potatoes and throw them on. Nothing fancy, just chuck them on.

Make sure that you’ve cooked the potatoes on all sides. This will help ensure that they are cooked all the way through.

Once they’re all nicely browned, put on some cherry tomatoes. These don’t need to be prepped. You can just throw them on. Let these cook until the bottoms start softening.

At this point, move your potatoes and corn up onto the warming rack. If you don’t have one of these, put them in a baking tray, cover with aluminium foil and put them in an oven (not switched on). If you’re not happy with how well the potatoes have cooked, put them on the grill. Grab some asparagus bunches and… you guessed it… just chuck them on.

Set the burners under the grill to a medium setting to prepare them for the steaks. Remember to keep turning your potatoes if they’re still on. Turning the asparagus regularly to avoid burning.

Getting ready for the steaks...
Fully locked and loaded...

At this point, put on some broccolini and the steaks. The broccolini won’t take a long time because if you try and cook the stalks through, you’ll burn the ends. The stalks will be cooked, but crunchy. When it comes to your steaks, how long you need depends on how thick your steaks are. Mine were about two centimetres thick, but I don’t cook my steaks by time. I let them cook until I start to see moisture and a little blood ‘sweating’ on the top of the steak. At this point I turn the steak and give it as long again on this second side. This gives me a medium done steak every time.

Even serving this meal is simple: throw all the food on a platter, put it in the middle of the table and let your friends and family help themselves.

At the start of this recipe, I mentioned that this was a cheap meal. I fed four adults and one child for the very reasonable sum of $56.33. What do you think a steak dinner for five would cost if you were eating out?

Dad's gonna love this!




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