There is a power to BBQ. A power that is unique and mystifying. The power to not only deliver us delicious foods but to bring people together and bind them in a way that little else can. Family and friends come together whenever there is meat over a flame. Old arguments are forgotten and fractured relationships repaired. At Smoking Hot Confessions, we truly believe that BBQ has the power to heal the world.


But where do you start when you’re playing with that kind of power? That’s where Smoking Hot Confessions comes in.


The purpose of Smoking Hot Confessions is to help people improve their lives through the power of BBQ. We value the power of education and information and this guides the services that Smoking Hot Confessions offers the public. Our goal is to be the premier place of learning for BBQ in Australia. To this end, we strive to keep you up to date with what’s happening in the world of BBQ and cover every angle. There is the Smoking Hot Confessions Podcast, where our Founder, Ben Arnot, interviews BBQ experts from around the world. There is also our website where we share delicious recipes, handy how-to’s, fresh articles and informative reviews.


This philosophy of helping others also forms the basis of the suite of services that Smoking Hot Confessions offers. Whether it’s Event Coverage, helping promoters raise the profile of BBQ in the public eye, performing Demonstrations teaching punters about BBQ at events and BBQ retailers, or Consulting to caterers, vendors, suppliers and manufacturers, the goal is clear. Smoking Hot Confessions is here to show others how their lives can be improved through BBQ.


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SHC Founder Ben Arnot

Meet the


Founder of SHC, Ben has been a BBQ addict for as long he can remember. In fact, his first hospital visit was BBQ related at just 3 years old! 

Instead of scaring him off, Ben has dedicated himself to teaching and sharing BBQ with others through all means available to him, whether it be via podcast, website, demonstrations, social media or whatever other opportunities come his way. 


Originally from the US of A, Bree was the inspiration behind the formation of SHC as she missed the foods of her homeland. 

As the Artistic Director of SHC, Bree has an integral role to play. With a background in professional fundraising, it is her eye for detail and marketability that govern all design decisions made. Basically, if we look good, it’s because of Bree. 


A founding member of the SHC team, Nigel is Head of Logistics and Chief Dishwasher. In short, he’s the man with a van!

All jokes aside, Nigel is definitely one of the more creative members of the team. With a refined palette, his ideas on flavour profiles and presentation are always top notch. He’s always first to come up with a new perspective whenever the team hits a speedbump.

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