The Beast Kit Review

Grill Beast Kit Review

The Review

Hailing from Louisiana, New Orleans, Grill Beast is a BBQ accessory company unlike any other: they have exceptional quality gear which they proudly and confidently back with exceptional warranty. I was therefore honoured when I was sent a kit to have a play with. And so it is that I am able to bring you The Beast Kit Review.

The Beast Kit Review: Who is Grill Beast?

Grill Beast is the brain child of Dave Johnson, the Founder and CEO. He founded the company after getting fed up with using the sub-par BBQ equipment flooding the market. His policy of uncompromising quality and exceptional customer service have clearly proven successful with Grill Beast now employing several staff including Dave’s brother Pat, head of Customer Support. Making a living from BBQ and being able to take care of your family – living the dream, right?

The Beast Kit Review: What's in the kit?

The Beast Kit is Dave’s flagship bundle, and includes the Beast Injector, the Beastometer, the Beast Claws and the Beast Armor. All of this arrives on your doorstep in an unassuming brown cardboard box which hides from the world the awesomeness within.

The first thing I noticed when opening the box is that every single one of these tools comes with a life-time warranty. That’s definitely not something you see every day. Upon further investigation on the Grill Beast website I discovered that Dave actually backs his entire product range with a no questions asked, money-back guarantee. For the lifetime of the product. Take a moment and let that sink in.

Each product also comes with a code you can redeem online for an ebook full of tips and recipes. Finally, all of the products (that are not electronic) are either machine washable or dish-washer safe making them very convenient.

Good gear right here!

The Beast Kit Review: The Beast Armor

It's like motocross meets BBQ - two of my favourite things!

Having grown up riding dirt bikes, the Beast Armor was the first thing to catch my eye. These are damn good looking gloves. They are made from a Kevlar weave with non-slip silicon grip resulting in a strong, sturdy glove that is capable of handling very high levels of heat.

Upon using the gloves I found two issues which caused me concern. Firstly the fingers in the gloves felt quite tight compared to the rest of the glove. I don’t have particularly large hands so it was only an issue of comfort rather than usability but if you are someone with large hands, that will be something to consider. I took the issue to Dave who assured me that this is because the silicon on the Kevlar needs time to break in and the fit will improve.

Secondly I found that when handling hot food, the hot juices and oils will soak through the gloves and they can get quite hot inside. This was the case when I was removing a Boston Butt from its wrap. In fairness, after having this problem, I read the instructions and it does say very clearly not to use the gloves with hot liquids so the error really, is mine.

That said, there are many things to like about the Beast Armor gloves. Firstly, the gloves are extremely flexible meaning that your hands are still very agile, particularly when compared to say, a pair of traditional leather BBQ gloves.

I also found that the Beast Armor gloves withstood heat much better than my leather BBQ gloves, taking much longer for me to feel the heat when handling hot items.

Finally, the Beast Armor gloves are machine washable which is awesome.

Watch the juices...

The Beast Kit Review: the Beast Claws

If you don’t have a set of meat claws you are really missing out: they make pulling pork, or any meat for that matter, so much faster and so much fun – I challenge anybody not to pull a Hugh Jackman pose while holding a set of meat claws.

Dave’s Beast Claws are definitely up there with the best. They feel very sturdy and well-weighted in the hands and not like they might break at any moment like so many other claws do. While painted on, the labelling looks like it also has been done to a high standard and won’t wear off after only two runs through the dishwasher. These are going to look good for a very long time.

Just try and NOT pull a pose!
Faster, more efficient and far more fun than a pair of forks...

The Beast Kit Review: The Beastometer

The Beastometer is a surprising little bit of kit. It appears quite unassuming but proved itself to be very accurate, very quick to measure the temperature of the meat (4 seconds!) and equally rapid to cool down, allowing thermometer to be used again quickly.

The Beastometer has some great features packed into its compact size. There are the expected features such as a switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit and a handy belt/pocket clip, but there are two other features which are far more interesting. The first one is a self-calibrating function which you can use if you suspect that your Beastometer might have fallen out of whack. The second one is a ‘hold’ function which holds the temperature on the display after the thermometer has been removed from the meat. This is very handy if you’re needing to provide evidence of temperature at a competition or if you’re working on recipes and need to write notes.

The Beastometer can mix it with the big boys...
Highly accurate and feature packed...

The Beast Kit Review: the Beast Injector

Without a doubt the biggest surprise would have to have been the Beast Injector. I’ve had a few injectors in the past and have been disappointed with them all. The Beast Injector is, quite simply, a beast.

Firstly, this injector is large. The capacity is great, saving time reloading between injections. Secondly, it’s made of solid stainless steel from one to the other. The end result is a very solid, sturdy unit that is very clearly built to last. The only drawback of the stainless steel is that you need to lubricate the seals with a neutral oil in order for the plunger to move freely through the chamber. This however is a small price to pay for such a quality piece of equipment.

It comes in a really neat little box for storing and includes multiple needles for different purposes and spare seals. It’s completely dishwasher safe, just like the Beast Claws and so clean up is a breeze. If you’re looking for an injector, this is the one!

This ain't no dime store injector...
Comes in its own storage box...

The Beast Kit Review: Final Thoughts

Dave and his brother Pat have without a doubt come up with an offering of BBQ accessories that is outstanding in both quality and value for money. Like anything, there are some things that you need to consider when making a purchase. However these are outweighed by the strengths and benefits of these accessories.

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