Burleigh BBQ Championships 2016 Gallery

Burleigh BBQ Championships 2016

The last weekend of July saw over 200 BBQ-mad competitors return to Burleigh Heads for the Burleigh BBQ Championships 2016. This was the second outing for the festival and the Burleigh BBQ Championships 2016 was without doubt bigger and better than before.

Once again, promoter Greg Dean had put together a smorgasbord of the best BBQers that Australia has to offer and pitted them head to head in a picturesque, beach-side location. I don’t know who he had to make a deal with, but he managed to secure a warm, sunny weekend for the entire three days which saw not a single cloud to darken our days, or our nights.

Being a local, I once again packed up all my gear and headed on down to pit myself against some premiere pitmasters. Friday was bump-in and was quite subdued compared with last year. Not that that is a bad thing at all! You might remember I found myself in a bit of trouble last year, but I learned my lesson!

Saturday saw the start of competition under the beautiful blue sky. I never ceased to surprised by how the camaraderie shown at the social events continues into the competition. Typically in competitive sports situations, game-faces are put on once the competition starts. However, this is not the case in competitive BBQ in Australia. I’ve witnessed teams giving each other tips, pointers, swapping recipe hints and even sharing garnishes when others have run out.

The overnight cookout was cold (by Gold Coast standards!) but thankfully not as cold as last year. The only drawback to having no cloud cover is that the nights are cooler. Teams had their roles clearly sorted, with members taking turns sleeping, waking only to perform their tasks when required. Things got crazy, as they always do, about an hour before turn-ins began at 9 am. I didn’t get to see many, but the ones I did see were impressive! It was great afterwards to see so many people sharing photos of their turn-in boxes on the ABA group page on Facebook. It’s so great to see so many people sharing so many ideas. I can’t wait to see what happens at next years’ event – as long as Greg is running these competition, Smoking Hot Confessions will be there!

The Photo Gallery

Below, I’ve compiled a photo gallery of the Burleigh BBQ Championships 2016. It’s my biggest to date, with 65 images. To open up the gallery, click on a thumbnail and scroll through. Enjoy!


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