If you have a food-based business there are few things you can do that will impart value to your clients better than Demonstrations. Let’s have a look at the reasons for this.

First of all, if you’re running an event, a Demonstration provides a very unique opportunities for your punters. It allows them to see how the food they’re eating was prepared and more importantly how they could cook it for themselves at home after buying products from the event stalls. 

Secondly, if you’re a food or ingredient supplier, a Demonstration allows you two very important things. It puts a human face on a business that your customers might not otherwise see, but more importantly, it offers you Third Party Validation. It’s one thing to have your own staff telling people your products are great, but to have a third party stand up and prove it is very powerful. 

Finally, a Demonstration allows you to showcase a range of products. This is a great opportunity for two reasons. It allows you to showcase several products in your line-up. They might be your own or you might be stocking other’s products. It also offers you the opportunity to strike some strategic relationships with people that you’d like to work with at some point in the future. 


  1. ‘Brisbane BBQ Festival’ – Victoria Park
    • For: Brisbane BBQ Festival
    • What: Beef Ribs
    • Showcasing: Low’n’Slow Meat Co Beef Ribs, Barbecue Mafia Rubs and Bar-B-Baste Marinade Sprays
    • Cooking Method: Bullet Smoker (ProQ)
  2. ‘BBQ & Beer Roadshow’ – Redlands
    • For: BBQ & Beer Roadshow
    • What: Brisket
    • Showcasing: Boars Night Out Rub
    • Cooking Method: Bullet Smoker (ProQ)
  3. ‘Smoker & BBQ Demo Day’ – Gold Coast Fireplace & BBQ
    • For: ProQ Australia
    • What: Chicken Wings
    • Showcasing: Pit Brother’s Rubs, Rub Your Chicken Sauces
    • Cooking Method: Bullet Smoker (ProQ)
  4. ‘The Kitchens’ – Robina Town Centre
    • For: Pure Meats Robina
    • What: Brisket
    • Showcasting: OBE Organic Meats, Blueshog Rubs and JR’s Smokehouse BBQ Sauce
    • Cooking Method: ‘The Snake’ in a Weber Kettle

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