Event Coverage

Planning an event and want to make sure you reach not only those at the event, but also those that couldn’t make it? We can help you with that. We have a number of things that we can do to help you not only provide value to current attendees, but turn observers into future attendees. 

These include Event MC / Hosting, Q & A Hosting, Cooking Demonstrations, Promo Video Presenting, Live Recordings, and making Award Presentations. There are many more things that we have done in the past and we always love a challenge, so if you think of something else that you’d us to do, shoot us a message on the form below and let’s work it out!

“Working with Ben Arnot was an absolute pleasure, his friendly demeanor and knowledge of the culinary arts made him a perfect fit for the host and MC of Brisbane BBQ Festival 2017. Ben featured in promotional videos leading up to the event, presented food demonstrations, gave announcements on the main stage and interviewed participants. He was extremely flexible throughout the entire process and always willing to lend a hand when necessary. I have no hesitation in recommending Ben for any public speaking role.”
Dominique Bird
Brisbane BBQ Festival

It’s important to have someone who’s comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. Or even working IN a crowd. With a background in the Arts and a past life as a musician, Ben is very adept on a stage in front of microphones and cameras and forges rapport with a crowd quickly and easily. 


A Q & A session is a great way for your patrons to interact with your special guests. Ben has a lot of experience hosting these sessions and uses his natural on-stage presence to build a relationship with the audience and bolster the confidence and comfort of your special guests. 


In our Cooking Demonstrations Ben combines his cooking skills with his stage skills. With fifteen years experience as a teacher, Ben is great at breaking knowledge into bite-sized chunks and explaining things in a way that makes that knowledge accessible to all. 

Promo Video Presenter

A key method of driving people to your event is marketing that event beforehand. And the most effective way is through video. With years of experience working in front of microphones and cameras, Ben is very adept at presenting your event in a manner that will connect with your audience. 

Live Recordings

One thing we really love doing is making recordings at events. They might be video interviews live broadcast onto big-screens, Live videos for social media, video for post-event promotions, or audio recordings for the Smoking Hot Confessions Podcast. Whatever your fancy, we can make it happen.

Event Promoter

Award Presenting

Are you having Awards at your event? You’ll be needing a presenter who understands how to build tension and excitement in a crowd and importantly how to vary intensity as the awards progress. You can’t bowl every ball at 100%. Ben understands this and works the crowd like a master. 

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