Gold Coast Harley’s 4th of July Party!

Gold Coast Harley's

The 4th of July is probably the biggest party of the year in America, and as we are a multicultural nation, it is fantastic to see American Festivals popping up around the place. In the case of Gold Coast Harley’s 4th of July Party, it combined two of my greatest loves: motorcycles and BBQ!

Happy 4th of July!
Gold Coast Harley brings 4th of July to South East Queensland

Gold Coast Harley really went out of their way to put on a great day. They even nailed the weather: I don’t know who they bribed, but it was the middle of winter and we had blue skies and warm sun reflecting off the acres of sexy chrome and air-brushed paint work. Who knows, maybe God (or whoever) rides a Harley!

As well as the sensational winter weather there was also a Show’n’Shine Competition and catering was provided by the ever-amazing Bella BBQ. The food was so good that they sold out of everything they had: partly because the event attracted more patrons than expected, but mostly due to the fact that I saw most people going back for seconds as they couldn’t resist trying another delicious burger off the menu. Stay tuned for my full review of Bella BBQ.

4th of July Party 8
A gaggle/flock/herd of Harleys???
Dead sexy...
4th of July Party 9
Meet the Mega Burger!
So... damn... tasty...
4th of July Party 4
Uncle Sam's seal of approval!
A family affair...
The Terminator would be proud to ride this bike!
Double-Barreled F.U.N.
Spectacular paint work!

Unfortunately I didn’t catch who the overall winner of the Show’n’Shine was as I was too busy fighting off my son for the last few bites of Brisket Burger, but really it would have been anyone’s game: these bikes were truly works of art. The owners clearly loved their machines dearly and had spent untold hours labouring on them, turning them into mobile statements of personal taste and style. I was simply amazed at the degree of detail in the modifications. Most amazing was the fact that I never saw the same modification twice: each of these bikes was truly unique.

My wife surprised me by walking me around pointing out all the bikes that we should buy: we used to have a little red Kawasaki 500 back in the day but she’d never shown much interest in riding it herself. She does have good taste, but I just don’t know that sparkling purple is really my colour. Even my son got in on the act: they had some little push bikes out for kids to roll around on and so he was cruising around finding ‘Daddy Bikes’ to match ‘his bike’ so we could go ride together. Maybe in another few years…

I was really impressed with the Gold Coast Harley 4th of July Party: the weather, food and bikes were amazing. More importantly my entire family had a good day out. I’m looking forward to next year already!

It's not for me, but it IS pretty!


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