How to Buy a Used BBQ

How to Buy a

How to buy a used BBQ is a pretty easy concept to grasp so please don’t be mislead by the title: it just sounds better than when, why where to buy a Used BBQ, what to look for and how much to pay!

How to Buy a Used BBQ - When...

So, your dear old BBQ has given up the ghost. Hopefully it’s had a good, long life and has been well-loved. If not there are plenty of things you can do to right this next time. Alternatively, you may be looking to expand your arsenal and so are looking for something different to add to your collection. Either way, it’s time to start looking around. I find Winter and Spring to be the best times: people use their BBQs less in Winter and so are more likely to want to offload them and others think that if they sell in Spring they’ll have a better chance of doing so because Summer is coming.

How to Buy a Used BBQ - Why...

There are several reasons to buy a Used BBQ. The most obvious one is budget. In these modern times it can be really hard to come up with a couple of hundred bucks for a new BBQ, or a couple of thousand if you want a good one. Or you might just be very thrifty and are happy to let someone else lose money on a new BBQ.

The second reason is that you may be looking for a particular type of barbecue that can’t be bought new any more. Some examples might include a Daisy Wheel Weber or a genuine Japanese Imperial Kamado.

Thirdly, geography might be working against you – the particular type of BBQ you’re looking for might just not be available in your area. Whatever your reasons, it’s time to take action.

How to Buy a Used BBQ - Where...

The first place I’d like to mention is the humble garage sale. Odds are, there is someone within a few blocks of your house looking to clean out their garden shed with something you’d like to have in yours. For example, a few years ago my amazing wife picked me up a mini-Weber style BBQ for the handsome sum of $2. I have to tell you, that little BBQ is one of my favourite things. It often comes to the beach with me and has even been known to make the odd appearance at football games.

The best place that you can look for used BBQ’s at the moment is Gumtree (an Australian equivalent of Craigslist). No matter what type of BBQ you’re looking for, someone will be selling one that is hardly used (sometimes never!) for extremely reasonable prices. I love my Weber kettles and so far have found two awesome bargains. The first one I got was a Frankenkettle: a daisy wheel lower half with a Performer lid. I got this low’n’slow masterpiece for a very reasonable price of $55. However my second Gumtree find was a-mazing. I picked up a One Touch Gold for a whole $20! If it had been used more than a half dozen times I’d be surprised. These One Touch Golds rrp for $450AUD so I was over the moon.

This little beauty was an awesome find at $2!
How to Buy a Used BBQ 3
My $20 OTG. Looks new, right?
How to Buy a Used BBQ 4
I might have to ring up about this one...
How to Buy a Used BBQ 5
After a Weber Smokey Joe? These RRP for $120!
How to Buy a Used Weber 6
The Big Daddy: RRP $4,300... 

How to Buy a Used BBQ: What to look for...

As with anything used, you don’t want to be buying someone else’s problems. So the standard rules apply: make sure nothing’s broken, nothing’s rusty – basically that there’s nothing wrong that a good clean up won’t fix.

You also want to look for the extras. Look for a BBQ that comes with a few goodies: a cover is essential but others might be specialty grates, charcoal lights, gas bottles or even cook books. Try to find something that is going to set you up without having to spend another dollar. My $20 OTG came with an Easy Light charcoal grate, a hinged cooking great and a heavy duty cover. That’s nearly $150 just in accessories!

How to Buy a Used BBQ: What to pay...

My Dad always says that something is only worth what someone will pay for it and this is never truer than buying something used. That said, you still need to be respectful: you’re going to get the door slammed in your face if you offer an insulting low price. However, don’t be afraid to haggle if you believe there is room. Both the buyer and the seller need to feel good about the deal.

As with all things, prices depend on brand and condition. Weber kettles range from $20 to $100. If you’re paying more than that for a used kettle, you might want to try and haggle harder. It always pays to do some research, particularly finding out what the RRP is on what you’re looking at.

So there it is folks, everything you need to know about how to buy a Used BBQ. There are bargains out there to be had, you just need to know what you’re looking for, and where to look.

Have you already found your sale of the century? Let me know in the comments below.


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