How to Install a Tel-Tru Thermometer in a ProQ

How to Install a Tel-Tru
Thermometer in a

I love my little ProQ Frontier. It’s a first generation model that I bought five years ago when they were relatively unknown in Australia. One thing that niggled me about it though, was the thermometer. It wasn’t long before I knew I had to work out how to install a Tel-Tru thermometer in a ProQ. Fortunately, it’s dead easy. 

How to Install a Tel-Tru Thermometer in a ProQ - Why Tel-Tru?

Quite frankly, they’re the best. Take a look at all the big teams at the BBQ Competitions – they almost all run Tel-Tru thermometers in their rigs. And these are expensive rigs. Plus, you ask anyone what pit thermometer they’d recommend and they’ll tell you to get yourself some Tel-Trus.

But this wasn’t enough for me. Despite having them recommended to me by the master pit-builder Rob Maxworthy from Radar Hill Smokers, I still had to do my OCD-mandated research.

And so I hit Google, hard, and what did I find? Tel-Trus are the most recommended pit-thermometers out there. So I picked up the phone, rang Rob and ordered 4…

The original thermometer...

How to Install a Tel-Tru Thermometer in a ProQ - The Installation

Man, I do love presents!
The Replacement...
Easier than I thought...

The first thing I had to do was remove the factory thermometer. I’m a little embarassed to say that I had never actually looked at the underside of the lid of my ProQ so I was very surprised to see that they were just held on with a simple nut assembly.

You also need to keep in mind that I’m an English Language Teacher and my tool box cost $19.95 at Super Cheap Auto. These sorts of things are genuinely surprising to me!

And so I very quickly and easily removed the factory thermometer.

My cheap tools came with Imperial spanners...

How to Install a Tel-Tru Thermometer in a ProQ - The Installation

The biggest advantage of this upgrade is that the Tel-Tru is a near perfect match in size for the original. One thing I particularly liked was the thinner edging on the Tel-Tru allowing for an effectively bigger, easier to read face. The keen-eyed will notice that the Tel-Tru only has Fahrenheit on it. I only cook in Fahrenheit so it works well for me. Celsius purists may have an issue with this.

One concern I had was that the probe on the Tel-Tru is bigger than the factory thermometer. It was obviously longer and I was concerned that it was also wider and wouldn’t fit. I do have the tools to bore out the hole, but again, my drill cost $35 and my drill bits were 12 for $10. I wasn’t keen on the idea of getting all West Coast Choppers on my smoker.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to: it was a perfect fit and attached simply with a wingnut.

Hey Good Lookin'!
Mine's bigger than yours...

How to Install a Tel-Tru Thermometer in a ProQ - The Finished Product

I was very impressed with this upgrade. The Tel-Tru fit smoothly into the lid and the changeover was incredibly easy. I’d highly recommend any Pro Q owner give it a go: it’s definitely going to be the best two minutes you ever spend on your ‘Q!

Like a glove!
Should come like this from the factory!

Get your Tel Tru Thermometer now!

Below are affiliate links to Amazon – I’ll make a small commission if you purchase a Tel Tru via these links, at no extra cost to you!


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  1. Hi there

    Can you tell me what the model number of the thermometer was please or failing that the stem length? Tel-tru seem to do lots of different models and sizes.



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