How to Install a Tel-Tru in a Weber

How to Install a Tel-Tru Thermometer in a

Recently, I wrote an article How to Install a Tel-Tru Thermometer in a Pro Q. I got asked several times if the same thermometer would work in a Weber. It just so happens that when I installed it in my Pro Q, I also installed some in my Webers. So please, read on for How to Install a Tel-Tru Thermometer in a Weber. 

The thermometers that went into my Webers were part of the batch that I bought from Rob Maxworthy at Radar Hill Smokers. If you’re outside of Australia, I have an Amazon affiliate link at the end of the article.

I had bought four, one for my Pro Q Frontier and my three Webers. The switch was very straight forward for the Pro Q, but the Webers were going to need the slightest bit of machining.

A very handsome thermometer...
Christmas in July...

How to Install a Tel-Tru Thermometer in a Weber: The Hardware

There are a few things that you’re going to need:

  1. Masking tape
  2. Pencil
  3. Teeny tiny drill bill
  4. 6.5mm (1/4″) drill bit
  5. Power drill

The first thing you’ll need is some masking tape. Any masking tape will do. I just grabbed some painter’s tape that I had left over in the garden shed. You’ll need a pencil to mark on the tape where you want to drill your pilot holes. The drill and drill bits are what you’ll use to drill the holes, obviously.

How to Install a Tel-Tru Thermometer in a Weber: Step One

Step One is to decide where you want to put your thermometer. It’s entirely up to you as to where you want your thermometer to be. Have a think about how you like to cook in your Weber and plan accordingly.

I do most of my cooking in a low’n’slow indirect formation: I put a single charcoal basket on one side of the bowl and my food on the opposite side. This means the vent needs to be on the side of the food, not above the charcoal to ensure that the heat and smoke is drawn across the food. I also wanted the thermometer down near the grill so I had a better idea of what was happening at food level. As such, I decided I wanted my thermometers between the lip of the lid and vent, and my OCD demanded that the handle, vent and thermometer all had to be in a straight line.

Once you’ve decided on your position, mark it out with the masking tape. The masking tape is essential as it will stop the drill bit from skating across the surface of your Weber when you try to drill the hole and making a mess of the enamel. Use the pencil to mark out the exact position for your first pilot hole.

Tape marks the spot...

How to Install a Tel-Tru Thermometer in a Weber: Step Two

Easy Peasy...

Step Two is to drill the holes. I’m saying ‘holes’ and not ‘hole’ as I found that I needed a little pilot hole first before my 6.5mm drill bit would bite. I don’t actually know the size of the tiny drill bit I used: it’s so little there isn’t enough space to stamp the size on it and I bought it so long ago I can’t remember. If I had to guess, I’d say it was a 2mm bit.

Use the teeny tiny drill bit first, and then use the 6.5mm bit to expand the hole.

How to Install a Tel-Tru Thermometer in a Weber: Step Three

This is the easy part – the Tel-Tru has a wing nut on the back. Just poke the stem through and fasten it with the wing nut. It’s up to you, but I spent a little bit of time fiddling with it to make sure that the dial lined up nice and straight the rest of the lid. It won’t affect the performance of the thermometer, but it will make it easier to read and won’t set off your OCD rage…

Job Done...
A must-have upgrade if you wanna compete...

Get your Tel Tru Thermometer now!

Below are affiliate links to Amazon – I’ll make a small commission if you purchase a Tel Tru via these links, at no extra cost to you!


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