008 Lukas Armstong – Consistency

008 Lukas Armstrong -

In Episode Eight of the Comp Ready series of The Smoking Hot Confessions Podcast, I chat with Lukas Armstrong from Rollin’ Smoke BBQ. Please be sure to Subscribe to the Podcast and leave a Review to spread the love.

Rollin’ Smoke has been consistently at the top of the competition ladder throughout the season and at the time of recording were preparing to make a run on second place after the upcoming Kangaroo Valley Competition. They are known in the game as having the best ribs in the country… except for Tony and Adam!

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  • For a little home cook, Lukas will use his Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS)
  • He likes to cook in trays to help keep his smoker clean
  • His first experience with real BBQ was in a little BBQ joint near Disneyland
  • The highlight of his BBQ experience has been Port Macquarie’s BBQ Wars in 2016
    • Won 1st place pork ribs
    • Won 8th place brisket
  • Pork is Lukas’ nemesis cut
    • He has little interest and therefore doesn’t practice them much
  • He loves ‘7 Sins’ rubs and sauces a lot
  • In 2016, Lukas competed in 9 competitions and returned the following numbers:
    • 39 hand-ins
    • 19 hand-ins ended up in the Top Ten
    • 10 in the Top Five
    • 5 in the Top Three
    • 2 2nd Places
    • 2 1st places
    • 2 Reserve Grand Champions
  • The three teams that Lukas most admires are:
    • Suck Knuckle Smokers
    • Smoking Hot Bros
    • Double Barrel BBQ
    • Consistency is the key to success
    • Lukas is usually a one-man team but has had a few people pop in and out to help at certain comps
      • He takes control and responsibility for his cooking at comps and tends to use his team mates as extra sets of hands
      • He doesn’t often cook with his team mates – usually just at the comps themselves
    • He will do a practice run of a competition recipe once a week
    • He uses the same butchers and brands every time now that he’s found people who are able to supply products that he’s happy with
      • Swears by Jack’s Creek for brisket
    • Got in trouble with once when he sliced his brisket while still in foil. The result was he had a sliver of foil in his hand-in box and he got 1s for presentation across the board
    • Now he wraps in peach paper
      • It doesn’t fully seal, so the brisket doesn’t steam
      • Lukas actually used it for wrapping and he even lays out peach paper on his table tops for trimming
      • It’s good value – roughly $80 for 1000 feet (about 300 metres)
    • 99% of the time he will use the same recipes at each competition, but:
      • He will make small changes for certain competitions E.g. he reduced the chili in one of his rubs for a competition in a country town as people from country towns generally aren’t as open to that amount of heat
    • Once he finds a cut that he likes, he will stick with that cut at all of this comps
      • His favourite cut of chicken is breast
        • He prefers white meat to red
        • They are a lot easier to prep, which is a big concern for a one-person team
      • The number of times he practices a recipe before taking them to comps depends on how much time he was at the time and what his family wants to eat
        • Chicken and lamb are his go-to meats for fast, family friendly cooks
      • Having a good average is the best thing to do to score well at competitions
        • It’s better than working on one ‘Hero Dish’ and just getting by with the others
      • He cooks on a 30-inch Bullock Head Creek trailer mounted offset
        • He also has an Ugly Drum Smoker, but uses the offset at comps exclusively
      • You’ve got to be on your toes more with an offset as opposed to a UDS – they are a lot more work
      • Lukas finds that the food he cooks on his offset tastes consistently better than the food he cooks in his UDS
      • For fuels, he uses Firebrand Lump Charcoal and Oak Wood in his offsets
        • He goes for Oak over Iron Bark as he prefers the smoke and the way it burns
        • Also, he prefers Oak as it makes him a bit different than everyone else using Iron Bark
      • In his drum he uses Firebrand Lump or Briquette with fruit wood for smoke
        • Apple and pork works well, but he doesn’t use it much
        • He quite likes using Pecan chunks for smoke
      • He has a set plan that he usually follows at comps – what he’s going to do and when
        • He always makes time for some sleep
        • The plan needs to remain flexible depending on how things are cooking and turning out
      • He doesn’t conduct competition drills – practicing cooking under comp conditions
        • Doesn’t have the time, motivation or energy
      • The most important key to consistency is
        • Practice
        • Getting rubs and sauces set the way you want them
  • Lukas prefers being a team of one as he finds it more challenging and therefore more rewarding
  • Look for sponsors – it will help you out a lot over the course of the year
  • In his offsets, he uses charcoal to generate the heat and wood for smoke
  • Lukas’s top three tips
    • Be prepared, but don’t go overboard: you don’t need to pack your whole kitchen
    • Pre-make your rubs and sauces
    • The less work you have to do at the comp, the better off you’ll be


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