011 Live @ the BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2017

011 Live @ the

This very exciting bonus episode is a recording of the Q&A session that I hosted live at the BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2017

The theme I came up with was ‘From Back Yard to Pit Yard, what inspires Competitive BBQ’ers’. I then enlisted Shank Bros BBQ, Sandgroper BBQ, as well as Serial Grillers, a brand new team, making their debut at the Roadshow.

A quick production note – there’s a bit of wind noice on my mic. Unfortunately unavoidable when recording on an outdoor stage!

Without further ado, please enjoy the live Q & A Session at the BBQ and Beer Roadshow 2017!

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  • The low’n’slow BBQ scene is growing rapidly in Australia. Two years ago we were in tiny venues and now we’re on 5 acres
  • Guests:
    • Ralph and Kris from Shank Bros BBQ
    • Boyd from Sandgroper BBQ
    • George and Shaun from Serial Grillers
  • The Shanks and Sandgroper made the decision to get into competitive BBQ after trying low’n’slow and deciding to give it a crack themselves
  • Serial Grillers decided to have a go at competition BBQ after they realised that they were cooking low’n’slow every night anyway
  • The highlight so far for Serial Grillers was setting their goals for the BBQ and Beer Roadshow and being able to meet them – the feeling they got turning in their hand-in boxes
  • The highlight for Sandgroper has been coming second on the Australasian BBQ Alliance ladder last year. He puts it down to ‘addiction and a lack of morals’
  • For the Shanks, the highlight was winning Bangalow BBQ Festival last year
  • The biggest challenge for the Shanks has been bringing together all of the team members into one cohesive unit
  • The biggest challenge for Sandgroper has been travelling for competitions and getting the time off from work to do it
  • For Serial Grillers the biggest challenge was having everything prepared when they weren’t sure what to expect – they finished painting their trailer the day before coming to the competition
  • Serial Grillers used to stress about their turn in boxes – one problem they faced was getting their ribs into the turn-in boxes
  • Sandgroper used to stress about temperatures until he learnt to pay attention to what the meat’s doing which reduced the stress about controlling everything. One tip is to have a good esky or similar handy. Wrap the meat in foil and a towel and put in the esky. It will keep the meat hot for several hours
  • Shank Bros used to stress about everything. They came to a similar realisation to Boyd regarding meats and time – just have some friends around, have a few drinks and accept that dinner will be ready when dinner is ready and don’t stress about getting the meal on a table at a particular team
  • To build a following on social media
    • Have fun
    • Make great content – useful, engaging content
    • Get into live video – learn about using cameras and basic production tricks
    • Be unique, be yourself
  • Boyd has always loved driving so he’s used to doing long distances. He’s been using his long service leave and his annual leave to drive around Australia competing in BBQ competitions
  • Serial Grillers got involved to test themselves
  • Every team out there has had lots of difficulty cooking brisket
    • Once you’ve got your brisket sorted, the rest of the proteins will fall into place
  • The Shank Sistas are the first all-female team in Australia, winning the lamb category in the first QLD competition in 2017
  • Teams only get 5 minutes either side of hand-in time and if they’re even more than 1 second late they get disqualified for that round.
  • Whether or not the public can try the food depends on the local council’s rules and regulations
  • Teams need to look for consistency first and price second when sourcing products
  • When looking for pork ribs, avoid ‘Shiners’ – racks of ribs that have had so much meat cut away that you can see the white bones shining through the surface of the rack
  • To secure sponsorship, it’s all about value
    • Work out what you are best at spruiking – beard, beer, etc etc
    • There are plenty of companies out there who want to partner with this community
    • Shanks focussed on meat first and then made their way through food groups and alcohol from there
  • The teams have their favourite types of wood
    • Serial Griller like to use Pimento for their Jerk Chicken and Apple with Pork
    • Sandgroper likes to use Jarrah on everything except seafood
  • Shank Sistas recommend becoming a BBQ judge
  • Judging is based on Appearance, Texture and Taste with Appearance being worth 10, Texture worth 20 and Taste 30, totally 60 points per judge
  • During the week, teams don’t eat BBQ – you can’t eat it every day as it’s too rich
    • Shanks like grilled meats and salad, smoked salmon
    • Seafood is popular


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