012 Live @ Meatstock Melbourne 2017

Meatstock Melbourne 2017

012 Live @

I’m super excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to either relive or live vicariously through me, Meatstock Melbourne 2017It was the largest BBQ competition in Victoria’s history and it was a weekend full of amazing surprises. It was literally acres and acres of competition teams, vendors, caterers, bands, barbers, butchers, muscle cars, Harleys and even entertainment for the kids.

This episode is a compilation of many mini-interviews I did over the weekend, ranging from competitors to suppliers and promoters to BBQ royalty. In these interviews I get tips and advice from all the  big names and get to introduce you to some serious up-and-comers.


Below are the names of the people featuring in this episode. I have to give a massive shoutout and thanks to them for taking time out of their busy schedules at Meatstock Melbourne 2017 to speak with me. Especially living legend of BBQ, Tuffy Stone! To say I was a bit star struck would be an understatement. After years of watching him on television, to be able to spend some time speaking with him was an incredible privilege. The man definitely lived up to his reputation of being the nicest guy in BBQ!

  • Ash – Manning Valley Natural Smokers
  • Derrick – El Guapo and Sons
  • Dan – Country Boys BBQ
  • Brett & Ash – Manning Valley Natural Smokers
  • Mark – Smartfire
  • Steve – Southern Cross Smokers
  • Laura – Weber
  • Linda – Pit’s Perfect
  • Adam – Manhorne Smokers
  • Grant – The Smoking Joint
  • David Ong
  • Adam – Australasian Barbecue Alliance
  • Tuffy Stone
  • Ash – Manning Valley Natural Smokers
  • Jess Pryles
  • Linda – Highland Q
  • Janson – Rangers Texas BBQ
  • Jay Beaumont – Meatstock
  • Gus – Gusface Grillah
  • Awards


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