016 Live @ BBQ & Beats 2017

016 Live @

This episode was recorded live at the BBQ & Beats Competition at the NightQuarter on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. It’s a very interesting episode as it documents a BBQ competition that was the first of its kind in Australia – a day competition. It was a small comp teams-wise – there were only 8 of us. Yes, I said us. I threw my hat in the ring and decided to take a swing. 

I was up against some big names though – Smokin’ Sappers, Smokin’ Hot Bros, Country Boys BBQ, Smoke Kings, Meat Sweats, Flamin Mongrels and Grillin’ in the Name of. These were all trophy winning teams and in the case of the Meat Sweats, a multiple Grand Champion team. I definitely had my work cut out for me.

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  • The BBQ & Beats Competition at the Night Quarter on the Gold Coast was the first Day Time competition in Australia
  • Teams arrived, cooked and left all in the space of a single day
  • Smoking Hot Confessions competed in this competition

Matt from Smokin’ Sappers

  • A sapper is an Army Combat Engineer – building things and breaking things
  • They work with Mates for Mates – a charity that helps returned servicemen
  • Sappers got first place at Bundaberg for their ribs
  • Tips for ribs:
    • Use the Texas Crutch method – it’s more forgiving than not wrapping
    • Use unsalted butter for moisture and fat
    • Spritz often
    • Doesn’t use 3-2-1. The ribs aren’t up to it. Like to do 2-2-0.5
  • Their biggest challenge will be their lamb
    • They go outside the box with their flavour profiles for lamb
    • They trial recipes with friends and sponsors and make them score them
  • Sappers cook on a 20 inch Bullockhead Creek known as ‘The Bunker’ and a Weber Smokey Mountain
    • One of the first Bullockheads made
  • Sappers tip the Meat Sweats for being the biggest threats on the day

Matt & Dan from Country Boys BBQ

  • CBBBQ love Bundy thanks to Bronnie and Paul the Promoters
  • They picked up first in Brisket at Gloucester
  • Already this year, the Boys have driven about 6,000 kms for BBQ comps
  • Their home built trailer is very responsive to changes in settings
  • They get their beef from Wingham Beef Exports
  • Tips for brisket
    • Just when you think it’s ready, give it another half hour in the cooker
    • Go by feel, not by temperature
  • Strategies for keeping themselves focussed
    • Whiteboards
    • Keep each other on task
  • They tip the Meat Sweats as #1 for the comp

Tony from Smoke Kings

  • The love the venue – under cover and well protected
  • They like the format as its new
  • Their smoker trailer got wrapped in 100m of plastic in the night
  • They used to cook in ceramic BBQs but now have a homemade trailer smoker
  • Advice to people building their own pit:
    • Plan it down to every fine detail
  • They think Brisket is going to be their strongest hand-in
  • Brisket advice
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
    • Start with the best quality you can afford
    • Treat it well and look after it: don’t over trim, over salt or over smoke it
  • They only use Wagyu briskets in comps
  • They still inject it to help keep it moist on the inside
  • Injections help to keep the meat moist while the fats are rendering, which take a lot of time
  • If injecting with beer, let it go flat first
  • Biggest challenge – Consistency
  • Biggest threat – Meat Sweats

Chris from Smokin’ Hot Bros

  • Have competed with supermarket meats at the Bundy competition
  • They really like the Day comp
  • The judges at this comp were industry representatives
  • The beef category is a favourite for the Bros
  • Advice for people cooking beef
    • Comes down to the quality of what you’re starting with
    • Knowing when to rest always helps too
  • When cooking chicken, sauce and skin are the most important things to pay attention to
  • They are going to try higher temperatures to get crispier skin
  • Upgrades to Rockatansky
    • Sink
    • Electrical system for TV and Nintendo
    • Looking at getting an awning
  • They are tipping the Meat Sweats as being the top team

Vaughan from the Meat Sweats

  • Didn’t bring their trailer as it was too big to get into the venue. They cooked on Weber Smokey Mountains instead
  • They like to have the large smoker for real estate – they always cook much more than they need
  • They have found the BBQ & Beats competition to be very relaxed and they like all the amenities that are at NightQuarter
  • They have won 2 GC’s so far this year
  • They think that chicken is going to be their best hand-in
  • Advice for chicken:
    • Do what you like the best for chicken
    • Keep it targeted across the board to try and appeal to as many judges as possible
  • Biggest challenge for this comp will be lamb – will these judges prefer herby or sweet?
  • Biggest competition will be the Country Boys BBQ


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