017 Live @ Burleigh BBQ Championships 2017

Burleigh BBQ Championships 2017

017 Live @

I hit the pavement at the fabulous Burleigh BBQ Championships 2017 to chat to as many people as possible. I got to meet up with a range of new and experienced teams and event got some one-on-one time with BBQ great, Andy Groneman, which I of course recorded and am sharing in this episode.

Did I mention I was also competing? It was a busy weekend for sure! Tune in to catch up on all the action!

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Bronnie and Paul from 4670 BBQ

  • They cook up to 40 hours in two days
  • They have a 24 inch Radar Hill trailer mounted smoker. Started with a Texas Ranchero and a Pro Q
  • Their brisket is their most popular dish when catering
  • Lamb is their strongest hand-in
  • 3 tips for lamb:
    • Find a good savoury rub – avoid sweetness
    • Find a good sauce e.g. mint
    • Keep an eye on the lamb itself – a rack of lamb is a relatively quick cook time so there’s a fine line between medium-rare and medium

Chris and Dion from My Q 4 U

  • Travelled down from Rockhampton, 9 hours from Burleigh
  • They freeze their meat and let it defrost while travelling to competitions
  • At Bundy comp they had to do pork and pork ribs
  • They froze their pork shoulder per normal, but their shoulders were frozen solid so they smoked it frozen and tied for fourth
  • Dion is an ex-butcher which gives them an advantage
  • Dion’s knife tips:
    • Get some good quality knives and good quality steels
    • Steels keep the edge on your knives
    • They recommend Geisser, Victorinox or Schriebers
    • Damascus steel knives are harder to sharpen but will hold their edge longer
  • Damascus steel is determined by the way it’s forged. It’s two different grades of steel folded in a unique way to create a harder centre
  • Their three lamb tips
    • Get fresh lamb from your butcher
    • Make a relationship with the butcher
    • Be specific with them about what you want

Dan from Country Boys BBQ

  • Had some drama at the comp
    • Some young blokes were walking past after the pub closed, and they jumped the fence to try and steal the esky
    • Dan slept through the whole thing
    • Trav managed to grab the esky at the last minute as it was about to go over the fence
  • Country Boys had Chris from Smokin’ Hot Bros cameoing for brisket and Trav from Kettle Kone as well
  • 3 tips:
    • Take your brisket further than you normally would when you think it’s done
    • Give it a good rest
    • Get some good smoke for extra flavour

Chris from Pits ‘n Giggles

  • They’re a pretty local team, from Brisbane
  • They’re all IT guys so their site has a TV connected to an iPad that was talking to a Smartfire, so all their temps were graphed on a 42inch screen in the site
  • They were happiest with their chicken and seafood
  • Advice on cooking cupcake chicken:
    • Be prepared for it to take a long time
    • Removing the skin and scraping the fat off
    • Thicken your sauce up

Matt from Blue Dog BBQ

  • The hand-ins at Burleigh BBQ Championships 2017 had all been outstanding and the pork ribs were his favourite

Brad from Charcoal Kings

  • They cook on a Mibrasa Charcoal Oven for finishing their low’n’slow cooks
  • The Mibrasa are typically used in commercial environments – hotels, restaurants etc
  • They thought their best hand-in would be the seafood category
  • 3 tips for cooking salmon
    • Give it a brine first – even 20 minutes will stop the white protein leach from coming out
    • Give it a good smoke, but be careful not to give it too much
    • Give it a high-heat finish

Cam from 3rd Degree Burns

  • Cam was an SHC team member at BBQ & Beats
  • 3rd Degree Burns are the defending brisket champions at Burleigh BBQ Championships 2017 after winning in 2016
  • Runs a 4 to 5 person team
  • Their pork ribs were their strongest hand-in

Nathan from Smoke 4 Daze

  • Burleigh BBQ Championships 2017 was their first comp and they’re a local team
  • Biggest challenge – having to had in proteins that they’d never cooked before
  • The cook on Angry Beard Smokers
    • A square-designed offset vs the tubular regular offsets
    • It’s quite steady from one to the other
  • 3 tips for 1st time competitors
    • Allow enough time to get your site set up
    • Be organised – get a list
    • Practice, practice practice

Adam from Primal Iron

  • His racks were falling off the bone too much – he handed in the wrong racks
  • He was really happy with his brisket
  • They use a ‘Cambro’
    • It is for ‘hot holding’ meats that have finished cooking earlier than you’d expect
    • You don’t have to cram meat into a Cambro meaning better looking slices
  • 3 tips for brisket
    • Trim hard – especially the point. Get it back to where you want to take it off for burnt ends
    • Fat side down
    • Find and use a good injection
    • Bonus tip – take your brisket to 200F and then give it a good rest

Adam from TexAus BBQ

  • Travelled up from Newcastle
  • Adam cooks on a giant 6m, 3 tonne Silver Creek Smokers smoker with everything that opens and closes. It can hold 45 briskets on just one shelf
  • Adam does some catering from time to time with Hillbilly Wes
  • They think their seafood game will be strong
  • Tips for cooking seafood
    • Keep the temperatures low so you can be gentle with it
    • Be physically gentle with it too – don’t slap it like a brisket

Andy Groneman

  • He loved the Burleigh event, especially that it’s a community event
  • He got to try some of the lamb. He prefers his lamb rarer than was handed into the judges
  • The Aussie lamb is far better than North American lamb
  • The level of competition is the same between the States and Burleigh BBQ
  • He’s really impressed with the creativity he’s seen at Burleigh
  • The classes went really well – the students were all fully engaged in the lesson
  • Top 3 tips:
    • Cook to feel rather than temperature – ‘Cook it into submission’
    • Don’t stress over a time line or a temperature
    • Don’t try and force something to happen – just let it happen

Trevor from Aussie Pit Boys

  • Trevor and his team travelled up from the Central Coast of NSW
  • Burleigh is their 15th competition this year
  • He has two Chargriller Akorns mounted in a trailer with sinks and beer taps on the other side
  • Top 3 Tips for Lamb
    • Find a good sauce
    • Keep the meat cooking process simple
    • Focus on presentation
  • He travels to comps with his wife and kids


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