018 Live @ BBQ Wars 2017

BBQ Wars

018 Live @

Episode 18 of the Smoking Hot Confessions Podcast sees me head to Port Macquarie for the Blues & BBQ Festival, or as it’s known in the circuit, BBQ Wars. With 101 teams, not only was it the biggest comp in the Southern Hemisphere, it was the biggest competition ever outside of the US. What started out as a fun weekend away with mates quickly evolved into something very unexpected…

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  • BBQ Wars – The largest ever BBQ competition in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Nick from Briskey Business

    • Nick has the 24-inch Radar Hill Smokers Vertical Offset
    • Their first Port comp, despite being locals
    • They love their smoker as it’s much easier to get around
    • They cook everything in the one smoker as the tuning plates let them create different zones, cooking point and flat separately
    • They cook everything at 300F – 325F, producing 6 hour briskets
    • Port is just their 2nd Their 1st was Meatstock Sydney
    • Nick was a spectator a few years ago and it was quite small. He’s surprised by how big it is now and what it brings into the town

    Lukas from Full Throttle BBQ

    • BBQ Wars is their first ever competition
    • Extreme Marquees did their massive marquee for them
    • They cook on 2 offsets and a BGE
    • They got good public feedback on their pork ribs and brisket

    Troy from True Blue Q

    • Probably the most relaxed comp they’ve ever been to
    • This was their first ever Port Mac
    • This year, they’ve done 3 comps
    • They have 3 Gateway drum smokers and have since retired their Kamado
    • Gateway Drums cook a lot faster than a UDS
    • The UDS is now only used as a warmer
    • Despite running a UDS and a Gateway at the same temperature, the cooking is done faster in a Gateway
    • Talk to BBQ Smokers at Yenorra if you want one

    Cam from 3rd Degree Burns

    • Competing side-by-side against his brother in Hunter Hogs BBQ
    • His brother would never deliberately throw a category to let Cam get on stage on his birthday
    • They lined up their smokers against each other in their site layouts
    • Cam was really happy with his chicken – it was his best to date
    • This is their second Port Mac after the brothers competed together last year

    Ryan from Beer Beer Q

    • They are locals and cook on all colours of Webers
    • First time cooking at Port Mac, bringing their backyard style cooking
    • Actually, Port Mac was their first ever BBQ comp
    • Inspired by all the photos and videos and this podcast

    Phil from High Tiders

    • Their site consisted of a 6×2.5m boat with a roof top tent and hammocks strung up inside with a beer keg system
    • Phil has been nicknamed ‘Princess Parsley’
    • The boat is the weekender, so the boat had to come too
    • They’re almost locals
    • They cooked everything on an open fire – no actual smokers
    • BBQ Wars was their first ever comp

    Joel from Bogan BBQ Company

    • Cooks on a pair of Smokin’ Jack’s by Metal Monkey Engineering
    • This is their first ever competition, but they did judge last year
    • They met Adam from Metal Monkey last year and got to talking over a few beers, who sold them on the idea and they ordered a matching pair on the spot
    • Can cook all night on one basket full of charcoal
    • They are a vertical cabinet smoker with a snake system in the charcoal basket

    Adam from Wizards of Q

    • BBQ Wars is their second ever competition
    • They’re from the North-West of Sydney
    • They got their Smokin Jak three weeks before the comp and BBQ Wars was their first ever comp using it
    • They used it for the brisket, chicken and pork ribs
    • They also have a Flamin’ Coals offset
    • Weighs about 205kgs
    • The difference between a Hark Texas Pro and a Flamin’ Coals Offset is the number of vents and thermometers


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