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One of the friendliest guys in the BBQ scene, Gus from Gusface Grillah joins me in The Confessional for Ep 10 of Season 2 ‘Living the Dream’. You’ve seen the glorious pictures of his ‘Stoner Burger’ on social media and you may have had a crack at recreating it. Hell, you might have been the motivation for it! Gus runs a business based around his blog and in this episode details how he did it. If you have ever wondered what a blog is, how it works, and where it can take you, make sure you catch this episode.

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  • When Masterclasses get cancelled coz of weather
    • He just took all the ingredients home to cook again later
    • He had enough burgers for 30 people
  • 2017 was a big year
    • Had a daughter
    • Started Perth BBQ School at the same time she was born
    • The school started off the back of the lessons he’d been doing for Jay at Meatstock
    • Also competed a couple of times and did quite well – picked up an 2 RGCs and a GC
  • He always impressed by the generosity of the BBQ scene, helping each other out
  • He got into BBQ thanks to his Dad who always did ‘special occasion’ roasts for birthdays, Christmas etc
    • Then he started to hear more and more about pulled pork so he went and bought himself a Hark TriFire
    • This is when he started the blog, GusFace Grillah
  • He loves burgers for a quick and delicious mid-week cook
    • His inspiration comes from either finding or being given a theme and building from there
  • The Stoner Burger
    • Invented for the guy at home who’s stoned and just goes to the fridge and throws it all together to make a burger
    • Pizza for bottom bun, burger patty, cereal, ham and cheese roll for top bun
  • Burger Tips
    • Have a go and reflect if it doesn’t work
    • Classic Cheeseburger – patty, cheese, pickles, onion, sauce
    • Think about the flavours – acidic, fatty, vinegary and find complimentary combinations
    • If you have fat from meat and cheese, how are you going to balance them out?
    • Mince your own meat and have a good fat to meat balance – keep your offcuts, especially after comps due to large amounts of brisket offcuts
  • Gusface Mince available from Troy’s Meats in Balcatta
    • Gus has an article on his website for how to make the mince yourself at home
  • The reason for the rise and rise of low’n’slow in Australia
    • BBQ has always been a big part of Australian culture
    • It’s evolved from burning sausages into more of a thoughtful experience
    • Tying into the slow food revolution
    • The American cultural influence in general
  • In the future
    • Australia is a melting pot of all different styles of cuisine
    • He’d like to see us put an Aussie spin on the BBQ scene E.g. Asian inspired brisket rather than just following in the footsteps of Americans
  • Gus loves hip hop, and so he adapted his blog name ‘Gusface Grillah’ from the rapper Ghostfaced Killah from Wu Tang Clan
  • His background was not from a writing background, but he has always enjoyed it
  • The blog started out showcasing him learning about BBQ and evolved into him showing others what he had learnt
  • A day in the life of a BBQ blogger
    • You work your BBQ around a full time job and social commitments
    • He writes when the passion strikes
    • His blog posts either get written very quickly or not at all
  • How do you make money blogging?
    • Basically you don’t
    • Eventually you’ll get the opportunity to highlight products, do reviews etc, mostly starting with rubs and other products
    • The point where the blog became a business is where the blog is used to leverage into other products
    • You’ve got marketing and experience behind you which you can leverage – once you’ve established yourself as a person of authority
    • If you want to start a blog, do it because you want to do it, not because you want to make money or start a business out of it
    • It’s really important to find your own voice in your writing – Gus likes to include a joke or two
  • Essential skills for a blogger
    • Spelling and grammar need to be pretty good
    • Knowing that ‘Weber’ only has one ‘b’
    • Ability to write is handy
    • Everybody learns in different ways, so if you’re good on camera, do that. If you’re good at writing, do that
  • What sort of people are suited to blogging?
    • There are many different takes on blogging – Instagram, Blog, Facebook
    • Choose an area that you’re skilled in
    • The people that are going to be successful are the ones that are passionate about it. If you love what you do, you’ll find a way to tell people about it
  • What can people do today to get started?
    • Just start. Start writing and see what happens
  • Biggest challenge and how did he overcome it?
    • Time – choose how you allocate the time
  • Biggest success and to what do he attribute it?
    • His BBQ RGC at Yaks
    • It was the biggest comp in Perth to date
    • Businesswise, his biggest success was opening his BBQ school, and getting photos from his students of what they’ve cooked afterwards
  • How does he rate being a blogger?
    • He rates it highly coz he is so passionate about it – solid tens
    • What kind of content gets the most traction on his blog?
      • BBQ Guides do well E.g. The Snake Method
    • Best avenue for promoting his blog?
      • No one avenue – need multiple
      • He did a social media training session once and learnt that you need to not be the guy pushing business cards onto people at a party
      • Don’t SPAM across the entire internet – it’ll be to your detriment in the end
    • Has Gus done any training in food styling?
      • No he hasn’t – he’s just evolved over time
      • Started with an iPhone and bad lighting
      • Learned on the job, tweaking each time
      • Got some tips from photographer mates
    • How does he keep his audience engaged?
      • If he enjoyed talking about it, the he’d post about it
      • He worked from his level of enjoyment and assumed others would enjoy it to
      • If he could enjoy writing it then people would enjoy reading it
      • Treat a blog like a public journal and write it coz you enjoy it
    • How often does he blog and how does he find consistent subjects to blog about?
      • Consistency has been an issue for him – the website has been on again off again
      • Life often gets in the way
      • He just writes about things when he feels inspired
    • What did Gus think was missing that motivated him to start his own blog?
      • He started before the explosion of interest in BBQ in Australia so he thought he’d start documenting his learning curve
  • His top 3 tips for people who want to get into blogging
    • Only do it if you want to do it, not because you want a particular outcome – it’s a labour of love
    • Choose your medium – writing, photography, video etc
    • Choose your own style. E.g. Gus likes to include jokes in his articles




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