038 Saffron – LIVE @ Rodeo Houston

038 -
Live @ Rodeo Houston

Okay dokey folks. I have something a little different for you in this interview. This is the first episode of a two-parter where I turn the mic over to Saffron from Bush Cooking to be guest host. Saffron is an ex-pat now living in the US and absolutely kicking butt on the BBQ scene. Most recently she hosted the NBBQA Conference and Awards in Fort Worth, Texas where she also was nominated for and won the Best Website category for 2018. She joined our team for the World’s BBQ Championships in Houston where she shared her wisdom and knowledge with us in a stunning array of Aussie solidarity. So join us now as we hit the pavement at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo competition and have some very interesting conversations.


Wyld Smoke BBQ Seasoning is a local business using local ingredients on a national scale. Try the Makin’ Bacon – it’s my favourite!

Black Angus Reserve, sponsors of Manning Valley Natural Smokers, have the best brisket you’ll find, hands down!

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  • With Joey Machado from B&B Charcoal

    • Joey had been a competition cook for 16 years and B&B were a main sponsor before he got on board as their Marketing and Sales Director
    • They’ve been around since 1961
    • B&B works a lot with Moe Cason
    • He circulated some product at Memphis in May, The Royal and The Jack to some teams who had some great success with the product
    • They have to get involved with different sanctioning bodies in order to spread their brand further
    • He cooked at an event in Washington with the White House in the background
      • It’s put on by a supermarket chain
      • Joey went and cooked with Moe Cason out there
      • They have a competition section as well as a vendor section
    • When he first started he thought BBQ contests were drinking contests and it took him 5 years before he started taking it seriously and winning prizes
    • Now in Texas, a ‘small comp’ has 30 teams. Most comps have 100+ teams
    • A lot of people have invested a lot of money in equipment, classes etc and as a result two things have happened
      • Some people are in it for the love of it
      • Some people are in it to recoup their costs
    • Joey believes in self-teaching, reflection and improvement
    • One big tip for teams looking to compete in Texas
      • Go to Lockhart Texas and eat as much as possible to get a grasp on the Texas palate
    • B&B Charcoal products are 100% natural
      • They have lump, briquettes, and char logs
  • With Robert Sierra from S&S Pit Crew

    • Based out of San Marcos, Texas
    • He started Pitmastering in 2003
    • He’s been on TV a couple of times
      • He’s a brand ambassador for Hines doing commercials for them
      • He’s been on Jimmy Kimmel Live
      • He’s been on BBQ Crawl with Diva Q in Canada
    • His favourite local comp is the ACCO in Lockhart, Texas
      • He’s a charter member there
      • Started with 11 teams and now averages between 150 and 180 teams
      • Somehow they’ve maintained a small comp feel to it all
    • He was cooking with Gonzalez County, a Go Texan Team
      • He’s handling the chicken for them
    • When he’s not competing he likes to cook chuck roasts and gizzards
    • He loves his boots
  • With Ronnie Killen from Killen’s BBQ

    • Originally a classically trained French chef
    • Owns four restaurants and a spot in a stadium
      • One restaurant is #4 in the Texas Best 50 and another is voted the Best New Restaurant in Houston
    • Was recently nominated for a James Beard Award
    • Came 10th at HSLR last year and 11th the year before
    • Go Texan – all the different counties have competitions to raise money to give scholarship to kids
      • Go Texan teams have to qualify each year
      • His father was in the Gonzalez Go Texan team for the last 30 years


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