047 Live @ BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2018

BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2018

047 Live @ BBQ &
Roadshow 2018

This is the second episode of Season 4, the 2018 Festival Season. Throughout the year I’ve been travelling around the country to various BBQ festivals and this episode is close to home as I head up to Brisbane for the BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2018.

Just a quick note, the audio in these interviews has been extracted from live, open air videos that we shot on the day that were broadcast up onto a big screen. As a result, there’s a bit of wind noise, the odd bit of feedback that I couldn’t edit out and occasionally we missed recording the start of the broadcasts. I’ll chime in from here in the studio when that happens to make sure you’re brought up to date and don’t miss anything.

I want to invite you to join us at the Smoking Hot Confessions Community on Facebook. If you’re looking for a BBQ group full of open-minded people who just love to help each other out, The Smoking Hot Confessions Community is a great place to continue the conversation.

So without further ado, grab yourself a giant beef rib and an icy frosty and let’s explore the BBQ & Beer Roadshow 2018.


  • With Summer fr BBR & Graeme fr PitCrew BBQ
  • With Chris fr Pits’n’Giggles
  • With Peter fr Charcoal Kings
  • Q&A Session with Bretto fr Flamin’ Mongrels, Ashleigh fr Shank Sistas BBQ & Matt fr Smoking Sappers BBQ
  • With Andrew & Ash fr Ham Dunk BBQ
  • With Chris fr MYQ4U
  • With Frasier fr Serial Grillers BBQ
  • The Awards Ceremony


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