048 Live @ Brisbane BBQ Festival 2018

Brisbane BBQ Festival 2018

048 Live @ Brisbane Festival 2018

This is the third episode of Season 4, the 2018 Festival Season. Throughout the year I’ve been travelling around the country to various BBQ festivals and in this episode I stay in beautiful Queensland for the Brisbane BBQ Festival 2018 – one of my favourites.

Just a quick note, the audio in these interviews has been extracted from live, open air videos that we shot on the day that were broadcast up onto a big screen. As a result, there’s a bit of wind noise, the odd bit of feedback that I couldn’t edit out and occasionally we missed recording the start of the broadcasts. I’ll chime in from here in the studio when that happens to make sure you’re brought up to date and don’t miss anything.

I want to invite you to join us at the Smoking Hot Confessions Community on Facebook. If you’re looking for a BBQ group full of open-minded people who just love to help each other out, The Smoking Hot Confessions Community is a great place to continue the conversation.

So without further ado, grab yourself your favourite cupcake chicken and an adult beverage of your choosing, and join me as I make my way through the Brisbane BBQ Festival 2018.  


  • With Matt from Smokin’ Sappers on Chicken
    • They put the chicken back into the smoker for 10 minutes after saucing to tack
    • They use boneless chicken thigh – while the bone adds flavour, removing the bone enhances consistency
    • Step 1: Brining
      • The brine is sweet, savoury and salty
      • The salt locks moisture in  
      • They brine for 2.5 – 3 hours
    • Step 2: Injecting
      • It puts as much flavour in as possible
    • Step 3: Smoking
      • They use a Weber Smokey Mountain with Pit Brothers Gidgee lump and Peach wood
      • They cook the chicken a bit higher than the other cuts
    • Step 4: Saucing
      • Try and match the sauce with the smoke flavour that you’re going for.
      • Compliment and build layers
    • They don’t add chilli to it at all as it’s too divisive – people either love it or hate it
    • The term ‘Dirty Bird’ comes from a nickname for Kentucky Fried Chicken
    • They like to hit the end of the window to blow the judges away. They’ve learnt that they do better at the end of the window from trial and error
    • Parsley boxes – you need to get a nice, even bed to present the meat on. The meat needs to be up and proud
    • Green kale or lettuce is okay
      • Lettuce will wilt
      • Kale often looks dull
    • The most uniform pieces that match are the ones that go into the box
      • Any hangy bits get cut off
    • By the time they’re handing in the box, it’s a relief. The most stressful part if trying to find six matching pieces
  • With Adam from Primal Iron BBQ on Pork Ribs
    • They aim to be first when hand in window opens to give themselves some extra time if necessary
    • They cut their own St Louis ribs out of bone-in pork belly
    • They aim for 4 inch bones
    • Get the silver skin off the back and trim as much fat off as possible
    • Put on mustard and then La Familia from BBQ Mafia
    • Wrap with agave syrup, butter and brown sugar
    • They add a rest period to relax a little bit
    • Then glaze once the honey and butter have done their thing
    • They don’t mind putting a little spice in their sauce
  • With Nawaf from 2 Smokin’ Arabs on Pork Ribs
    • If you cook lamb too much, it dries too much. Lamb needs to be moist and nearly fall off the bone but not quite
    • Just under medium is the perfect temperature to start cooking
    • Nawaf usually pulls the lamb off at 125F
    • He uses a full shoulder on the bone
    • He smokes it for about 6 hours then wraps it and cooks it to about 210F – 215F
  • With Chris from Pits’n’Giggles on Pork
    • Pulled pork was one of the first styles of BBQ, an ‘original’
    • It was one of the less desirable cuts and therefore cheaper
    • They use the Collar Butt and separate out the Money Muscle
    • At comps, judges prefer to see stringy bits rather than a ‘mush’ like you want at home
    • He wants to include some pieces with bark and smoke ring colour
    • Be aware of serving the end pieces as they’re often too salty
    • They make their own sauce based off a south american recipe with chipotle and adobe with a tomato sauce base, honey, onion powder and garlic powder
    • He goes into the box preparation with a picture in his head of what he wants to do
    • They add a little sauce to it at the end for sheen and colour
    • They transport their boxes in a custom made carrier
  • With Linda from Highland Q on Brisket

Rest of Show Notes are Coming Soon!

  • The Awards
    • Brissie Basters – RGC
    • Double Barrel – GC


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