049 Live @ Cue For A Cause 2018

049 Cue For A Cause

049 Live @ Cue for a 2018

This is the fourth episode of Season 4, the 2018 Festival Season. Throughout the year I’ve been travelling around the country to various BBQ festivals and in this episode I’m on a jet plane again and heading down to the always beautiful Forster in New South Wales. I was super proud to have been invited to be a part of the first ever Cue For A Cause 2018 competition, raising money for the Great Lakes Women Shelter. It was a fantastic cause to get behind, and a ripper of a weekend away.

I want to invite you to join us at the Smoking Hot Confessions Community on Facebook. If you’re looking for a BBQ group full of open-minded people who just love to help each other out, The Smoking Hot Confessions Community is a great place to continue the conversation.

So without further ado, grab yourself a handle of lamb and a stiff drink, and join me at the inaugural Cue For A Cause 2018 competition


With David from DG BBQ

  • He’s Food Master for the Coomba Wine and Dine Society
  • He’s a keen BBQ’er at home
  • He has a gas-powered 6 burner that he does a lot of roasts on
  • He’s friends with the Women’s Shelter and so he’s there to compete to support the cause
  • Chicken: they’ve gone for Oriental flavours
  • Pork: they’ve used a spicy rub and glaze
  • He’s working collaboratively with the team next door sharing their smokers so they have one protein in each smoker


With Jake from JAB BBQ

  • He’s been enjoying spending time talking about BBQ with loads of people
  • His family has always cooked on Webers with charcoal and so the competition was a natural progression
  • Both of his Webers were second handers. They’re cookers, not lookers
  • He’s focussing on his timing in this competition and hoping that everything will go well after that
  • He’s using a mix of Heat Beads and chunks of Cherry on Pork and Apple on chicken
    • He uses an apple cider glaze on the chicken which goes well with the apple wood


With Mark from Pits’ Pitches

  • They were mentored by Linda from Pits Perfect and that’s how they came to their name
  • They’ve got a Flaming Coals offset for the ribs
  • The chicken things are in the Webers
  • He’s been cooking on kettles for ten years and developed his interest in competitions after hanging out with Linda
  • He got into the competition in order to test out his cooking
  • Pork Ribs:
    • Series of 4 rubs
    • Wrapped with sugar, honey and butter
    • A little heat, but not too much


With Rusty from R2Beef2

  • They had a great night the night before ‘getting to know everyone’
  • He had brisket at a restaurant a few years ago and decided he had to learn how to cook it himself
  • He’s always liked team sports, competitions and hanging out with mates and now he wants to test his BBQ skills
  • His first Weber came out looking a little like R2D2. His newest smoker is called Darth Brisket

With Craig from Sheen Shangrila

  • He’s the NSW State Sales Manager for Hark who distribute GMG
  • Pellet smokers:
    • They like the constant temperatures
    • Don’t need to worry about fire management
    • It is a wi-fi model so you can run the machine via an app on your phone
    • They can get some sleep


With Grant and Ash from Manning Valley Natural Smokers

  • Rolling Smoke, Country Boys and Smokin’ Hot ‘n Saucy and Piggy Butt Brain are who they are keeping their eyes on the most
  • They’ve got two Gateway drum smokers that they use
    • They are used for hot and fast cooks
    • Two air controls on the side, a vent on the top and a charcoal basket in the bottom
    • They are able to do their briskets in 5 hours
    • Pork ribs are done in 2.5 hours. They hang for the first 40-45 minutes before reverting to a traditional process
    • They get 8-12 hour burns out of one charcoal basket
  • They find that there isn’t too much difference in flavours between the reverse-flow trailer smoker and the Gateway drums
  • They use Firebrand hardwood premium lump


With Linda from Pits Perfect

  • Her daughter Chloe won RGC in the Give-it-a-Go competition the day before
  • She cooks on a reverse-flow offset and has learnt where the hotter and cooler spots are which allows her to position things more strategically
    • It’s great for briskets, pork shoulders and lamb shoulders
    • She runs it on Iron Bark and Cherry Wood


With Anthony from Dr Cue

  • He has done a really good job with his lamb this comp
  • He cooks on Weber Smokey Mountains
    • It has a fire in the base, followed by a water pan, then the cooking layers
    • The water pan settles the temperature and provides moisture
    • He runs Heat Beads fuel in his WSMs
  • Tips:
    • Make the investment from the outset to save spending money again later
    • Try and use the best quality products that you can

The Awards Ceremony


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