050 Live @ Burleigh BBQ Champ’s 2018

Burleigh BBQ Championships 2018

050 Live @ Championships 2018

This is a very, very important episode for three, very very important reasons. Firstly, it’s Episode 5 of Season 4, which means we’re halfway through. Secondly, this episode was recorded at the Fabulous Burleigh BBQ Championships, the jewel in the crown of competition BBQ in Queensland and my personal favourite. Smoking Hot Confessions also kicked some serious butt at this comp, but more on that later.

And finally, with this episode, the Smoking Hot Confessions Podcast turns 50. That’s right folks, the big 5-0. So I want to just take a minute and say a big thanks to all of you for your support of the show. If you weren’t listening, I would be doing this, and I love doing this, so thanks.

I want to invite you to join us at the Smoking Hot Confessions Community on Facebook. If you’re looking for a BBQ group full of open-minded people who just love to help each other out, the Smoking Hot Confessions Community is a great place to continue the conversation.

So without further ado, blow out the candles on your big 5-0 cake, sip some champers out of a crystal flute, and let’s hit the beach at the 2018 Burleigh BBQ Championships.


With Sterling Smith

  • Burleigh was his second time in Australia
    • He loves seeing what we’re doing with American BBQ
  • What’s different?
    • Lamb – reflective of Aussie cultural influence
    • Seafood
    • He loves that he gets to experiment with different cuts and proteins
    • He loves the difference in smokers, especially the home-built smokers
  • What’s the same?
    • Many of the traditions – the same spices, smokers etc
    • The concept of the BBQ family is the same
  • Burleigh is the best BBQ venue he’s seen in ten years of competition BBQ
  • His background:
    • He’d been in banking in Kansas City, Missouri and his company was a sponsor of the Royal
    • In 2007 he got to see what the Royal was about
    • He started with a $40 smoker from Home Depot
    • He’s been competing as Loot’n’Booty since 2009
  • Two years ago he quit his full-time job and backed himself with his Loot’n’Booty brand
  • Green Mountain Grills invited him to come out to Australia to do demos, etc etc for GMG
  • His first GC:
    • The panel went out on his pellet grill
    • Someone loaned his a replacement panel and he went on to win


With Alfio from Baste Brothers

  • He’s found the comp to be very relaxing
  • They run two Weber Smokey Mountains, a Weber Go Anywhere, and a Fornetto
  • The GA is for seafood – swordfish and oysters
  • Fornetto vs WSM
    • The Fornetto seems to struggle with airflow and doesn’t hold temperature as steady as the Weber Smokey Mountain
  • They also have a Pit Brothers PB1, but couldn’t get it in the ute fast enough to get to the competition
  • At Brisbane, their clocks were wrong by a half hour, but they still managed to score their highest ever scores for that protein

With Drew from BBQ Mafia

  • Burleigh is ‘God’s Country’
  • The success of BBQ Mafia has been a whirlwind
    • They sold 9,000 packets of rub last year
    • ‘Mobster’ sauce debuted at Burleigh – it’s a savoury ‘Aussie’ style BBQ sauce
  • They are heading to the Royal shortly after Burleigh
  • They are more interested in mentoring newer teams on the scene
  • They won BBQ Wars in Port Mac 2017 and started planning the trip to the Royal after that
    • Total cost is about $40,000 to get themselves and all their families there
    • They were doing pop-ups etc to raise money for it
    • They had to win a GC with more than 12 teams in order to win an invite


With Brett from Lane’s BBQ

  • He started with Lane’s by following them online on Instagram
    • He bought their rubs and really liked them and started using them at comps and in catering
    • People started asking him if they could buy the rubs from him
    • He developed a relationship with Ryan Lane and Brett became the Aussie rep from there
  • Honey Sriracha rub – sweet with a nice kick on the back end
    • Granulated honey and sriracha powder
  • Apple wood – apple sugar
  • Little Spicy – a new sauce
  • Blueberry Dessert rub
    • Part of the dessert rub range
    • People have been doing Blueberry Chicken wings in the States
  • Brett’s favourite pairing
    • Brisket with the Ancho rub


With Duke from Pickled Pitmasters

  • Port Mac 2017 was their first ever comp, BBQ & Beer Roadshow was their second comp and Burleigh is their third
  • They have a homemade trailer
    • Took 2 ½ weeks to build
    • Has a spit rotisserie and 4 UDS on it
    • Also has a sink and bench space
    • Hot water and cabinetry are next on the cards
  • They’re doing seafood directly on the grill
    • Moreton Bay Bugs and a few other things

The Awards Ceremony

  • RGC – MYQ4U
  • GC – The Beard and the BBQ

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