052 Live at BBQ Wars 2018

BBQ Wars 2018

052 Live @ 2018

This is episode seven of season four of the Smoking Hot Confessions Podcast. In this episode my buddy Anthony from Black Bark Barbecue and I jump in the faithful Smoking Hot Confessions Mobile and make the annual pilgrimage to BBQ Mecca – the annual BBQ Wars in Port Macquarie, the biggest competition on the Australian calendar with over 100 BBQ teams fighting it out for BBQ glory.

There’s just a week left to get my ebook ‘27 Lessons Learned from Competition BBQ’ available for free on the website. I’ve recently put together a second edition of that book, working with a professional graphic designer and I’ll be releasing that soon. Which means that the free, 1st edition is only going to be available for another week. After that, the second edition will be available for purchase, and there is even going to be a second book available, but I’m keeping the details under wraps for now.

I’d also like to invite you to join us at the Smoking Hot Confessions Community on Facebook. If you’re looking for a BBQ group full of open-minded people who just love to help each other out, the Smoking Hot Confessions Community is a great place to continue the conversation.

So without further ado, grab yourself a pulled pork sammich and a frosty and join me as I hit the pavement at BBQ Wars 2018.


With Andrew from Wizards of Q

  • Port Mac 2017 was WoQ’s 1st comp
  • They made it to Top 20 in one year by networking with more experienced teams
  • They were just doing the ABA comp.
  • They’ll kick things off with the brisket at around 2am
  • They offer catering as ‘Brisket & Brawn’
  • They are based in Sydney
  • They are using Rangers Valley WX9


With Paul from Bulldogs BBQ

  • 2018 was his 3rd year in a row at BBQ Wars
  • He keeps coming back coz it’s a great chance to meet all the people that you don’t normally get to see and it’s such a great location
  • They’ve added a Traeger to the team
  • They have a new team lineup with people all from Bundaberg
  • They’ve brought the most meat they’ve ever taken to a competition
  • They cook Manning Valley briskets
  • The Traeger:
    • They like it for pork ribs and chicken as it avoids temperature spikes which can ruin the cook
    • They put the lamb on there too
  • They have purchased Bundaberg Lunchbox, a cafe, and they still cater
    • Brisket pies are their specialty
  • The Bundaberg BBQ Battle is on May 10 & 11, 2019


With Linda from Highland Q

  • They’ve started an online rub store called Rub HQ
    • They have decided to stock a Scottish rub rather than American rubs like everyone else
    • They are the exclusive distributors of Angus & Oink in Australia
    • Linda’s personal favourite is called ‘Porky White Chick’
    • They also stock some Australian products including Badass, Blazed Honey
    • They’ve gone for a quality, boutique range rather than try and stock everything


With Matt from Smoking Coals

  • BBQ Wars is their favourite comp of the year
  • B&B Charcoal
    • Consistent size
    • Long and hot burning
    • Great flavour
  • M Grills
    • They use an M16 as a steak unit
    • Gets to 650F in 15 minutes
    • Even such a little grill weighs 60 kilos

With Andrew from Black Iron Smokers

  • They’ve been to every BBQ Wars from the start
  • The very first ever BBQ Wars was only 15-20 teams
  • They are catering and competing at the same time
  • His new smoker is called ‘The Gangster’
    • He purchased a second hand Silver Creek on Ebay and got to know the pitmaker through the restoration
    • He got sick of tending three fires to get through a catering gig and went big on a single smoker
    • 40 inches by 10 feet
    • Weighs 2.75 tonnes
    • Can fit 40-45 briskets at once
  • They did about 125 – 150 serves per day, plus their competitive meats
  • Kangaroo Valley will be their next event, anticipating about 450 serves


With Jye from Smokeface Grillahs

  • The new comp trailer
    • Sponsored by Heat Beads
    • Everything is built inside
    • Can carry the Myron Mixon H2O inside
    • Built by Manhorne
    • Trailer has kitchen, sleeping quarters, tv, and aircon
  • It’s one of three in the country
    • Brought in by BBQs Australia
    • The fire is underneath
    • There is a water bath with an auto-fill
    • It’s insulated
    • You feed logs into it from the bottom
    • Have to watch the fire, coz it won’t drop temperature – the fire will just dry out
    • 425kgs
  • The 180 perfect score brisket
    • It was done with the ‘All Stars’ team incl Boomer and Butcher’s Axe
  • Their chicken game has really come through in 2018 after lots of late night practice
    • They do cupcake chicken


With Josh from Zed’s Que

  • At the time of recording, the highest brisket score for the year
  • Wasn’t happy with their lamb cook
  • The cook on a Radar Hill Trailer Smoker
  • They Prime Cut Meats as a sponsor
    • Zed’s use their Black Onyx brand
    • A lot of their success comes down to practice
  • They have a main crew of 5


With Dan from Country Boys BBQ

  • He loves that the comp is so family friendly
  • He did the SCA and the ABA, but he missed out on the Pirate Booty side-comp
  • Current top point scorer in Beef Ribs
    • Manning Valley Ribs
    • 7 Sins Beef Rub and Lane’s BBQ Ancho Rub
    • Got perfect 10’s for presentation
  • He has Dave from Low’n’Slow Meat Co on his team, who is a Chef. He’s in charge of presentation
  • He’s done 8 or 9 comps so far this year and has 3 more to go
  • He’s heading to the Invitational to close out the year

SCA & ABA Awards Ceremonies


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