053 Live at Brews & Barbie Bash

Brews & Barbie Bash

053 Live @ Brews & Bash

This is episode seven of season four of the Smoking Hot Confessions Podcast. In this season, I’ve been flying, driving, walking, eating and talking my way around Australia, going to BBQ festivals all over this wide brown land and having some fascinating conversations with some of the biggest names in the game, and some up-and-comers too. In this episode I head into rural Queensland for the Toowoomba Brews and Barbie Bash. I was competing on the Black Bark BBQ team, which is part of our BBQ Family. It was blazing hot all weekend and the competition was even hotter!

Before we get started, I’d like to let you know that my new ebooks are now available on the website. There is the second edition of my well-loved ‘27 Lessons Learned from Competition BBQ’ and also the deliciously new ‘Bacon Manifesto’. The ‘Bacon Manifesto’ includes what you need to know about making bacon at home and then some incredible recipes to give you an idea of what to do with it.

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So without further ado, grab yourself something, anything wrapped in homemade bacon, and a bloody mary with a homemade bacon swizzle stick and join me as I battle the heat and the other teams at the Toowoomba Brews and Barbie Bash 2018.


With Jessie from 7 Sins BBQ

  • 7 Sins started in 2010 as caterers
    • Started competing in 2013, and started making rubs shortly after that
    • They’re based in California, so QLD feels like home or them
    • They have 4 rubs: All Purpose, Beef, Pork, Pecan
    • They have 2 sauces: Original and No White Boy, a Habanero sauce
    • The No White Boy Sauce was made as a bet that they couldn’t make a sauce too hot for a particular person
  • Balancing the flavours in a spice rub
    • Got pecan, salt, pepper
    • Great as a topping on a rib for colour
  • The relationship with Dan from Country Boys
    • Started with Lukas from Rollin’ Smoke who was using their rubs
    • Dan got hooked and started buying them
    • Now Lukas, Dan and Jessie are like brothers
  • They all competed together in California (Sunny’s)
    • It was on the East Coast, where Jessie doesn’t usually compete so he got to meet a whole bunch of Instagram friends
  • He’ll do 12 – 15 comps per year and he also vends at those festivals
  • A good tip for Backyard BBQers
    • Have fun
    • Stay humble
    • Listen to other people and take classes


With Luke from Phat Boyz Smokin’

  • Toowoomba was their first competition and they think they’ll be back
  • The BBQ shop started with 2 mates with a passion for low’n’slow
    • Started online and on Facebook and markets before getting into a shopfront
  • The three smokers they’re cooking on are a homemade one, a ProSmoke, and an OzLocka, local from Toowoomba
  • They reckon their lamb was their best hand-in
  • Advice for people getting into competitions
    • Take it all in – everyone’s friendly and will help you out


With Chris fr Pits’n’Giggles

  • Cooking at Toowoomba on a Weber Summit Charcoal
    • They were one of the first in the country to get one
    • Sponsored by Outdoor Living Northside
    • It’s big – it dwarfs a WSM. 64cm grill
    • It’s completely insulated and built all from steel
    • Legendary Weber quality
    • The top vent is incredibly accurate – you have to control it to the millimetre
    • Does not have the gas ignition system due to Australia’s strict gas regulations
    • Weber had to do a slight redesign to get rid of the gas – it had to be completely redesigned and moulded
    • He lights his charcoal with a butane burner and a blower-vac
  • They cooked the brisket in their first, then lamb, then chicken
    • It cooks all proteins well
  • Advice for using at home
    • Play with it and get to know it – you need to be millimetre accurate
    • Read the manual

With Graeme from Pit Crew BBQ

  • AKA the Crack Chicken Man
  • Cooks on a Hogpit Smokers Trailer
    • 30 inch with 3 shelves
    • Can easily cook for 100 people off of it
    • It’s well balanced and easy to tow
    • He’s had custom stainless benches made to suit his height
    • Got a wood box and a storage box
    • Got a sink
    • Hot water is coming
  • 3 Essential things for a catering trailer
    • 3 racks
    • Stainless steel benches
    • More benches


With Chris from Smoking Hot Bros

  • They’ve had some team personnel changes in 2018
  • Port Mac was their favourite comp – they get to see friends that they haven’t seen for a long time
  • Chris made the box for the ‘Brisket King’ side comp at Port Mac
    • Ended up with 48 bottles including a $600 bottle of whiskey
  • SHB has been working with Wyld Smoke BBQ Seasonings to create some local-based rubs
    • Australian made and produced
    • Bulldust – Brisket Rub
    • Vynygar X – the first brisket finishing dust in Australia
    • Vyvygar X is great with fish as it breaks down the oils in the fish
    • There are more rubs coming


With Jaimie from Hogpit Smokers

  • He has a new model – a small one
    • For people who don’t need a large capacity
    • Single rack with an option for a second rack
    • Could fit 3 pork shoulders or an 8kg brisket
    • Takes up less room
    • Lighter to maneuver
    • Counterweight doors are easier to open
    • Only need a small fire to keep the temperature up
    • 6mm, rolled plate steel and plasma cut

ABA Awards Ceremony

RGC: Pit Crew BBQ

GC: Smoking Hot Bros


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