060 Winners from Iron Jack 2019

Iron Jack BBQ Challenge

060 Winners from

Winners are grinners, and two blokes with some of the biggest smiles on the Aussie BBQ scene are Booma from Full Metal Kettle and Jye from Smokeface Grillahs. And there’s a good reason why. And not just because they came in Reserve Grand Champion and Grand Champion at the Iron Jack BBQ Challenge 2019 respectively. Booma is currently starring in ‘Dipper’s Backyard BBQ Wars’ on TV and Jye is already setting himself up for a big run at ABA Team of the Year for 2019.

In this episode we talk switching smokers mid-season, vehicular disasters, foul weather, and life as a BBQ celebrity!

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With Booma from Full Metal Kettle

  • Picked up RGC at Iron Jack BBQ Challenge in Ballarat
  • Is moving to a new smoker from his Pro Q Stretch
    • Going to Gateways and a Traeger
    • He’s moving coz he wants sleep
    • It takes two people to load the Stretch and he can load a trailer by himself with drums and a Traeger
  • Gateways
    • The position of the vents creates a vortex and the baffle plate helps
    • The air flows fast through the drum
    • There is definitely a time difference when using a drum
  • The Traeger
    • He got it initially for home for easy mid-week cooks
    • He can monitor and control it from his phone while he’s inside feeding his kids
    • It wasn’t going to be a comp pit but it is now
  • Generators
    • It’s been rare that there’s been power issues at a comp
    • He’ll be looking for a cheap generator
    • Might look at various power packs
  • The trip to Ballarat was terrible
    • They had car issues – it overheated, using a couple of litres of water
  • Once there
    • Everything was cruisy cos all their trimming was already done and the weather was nice
  • They are a well-oiled machine – everything is prepared beforehand and everyone knows their roles backwards
    • They even bring along a fridge to every competition so know exactly what temperatures everything are held at etc
  • Handins – Chicken, Lamb, Pork Ribs, Brisket
    • Chicken – cupcakes
    • Lamb – racks
    • Pork ribs – cooked spares and baby backs. Ended up putting 12 baby backs coz they couldn’t get six even bones from the spares
    • Brisket was the best texture they think they’ve ever had
  • Booma trims the brisket to the width of the box before putting it on the smoker so it will shrink to the perfect size during the cook process
    • He does all his slicing and burnt ends by eye
  • Dipper’s Backyard BBQ TV Show
    • 12 hour days in a different location every day
    • They shot the whole series in a week
    • It was Dean’s original concept and put the idea together with a Producer friend
    • Season Two has been green lit
  • The scene in Australia has grown so much over the last 5 years
    • Booma used to have to drive over an hour each way to get a brisket and now can get them 10 minutes from home
  • Steak Cookoff Association competitions:
    • Great fun competitions
    • Some teams are now focussing just on SCA comps
    • The creativity that it pulls out is incredible
  • In the future
    • Only have Horsham on the calendar as a competition in August
    • They’ve got a burger pop up at Q Club happening soon
    • Focus on the TV show

With Jye from Smokeface Grillahs

  • At the Iron Jack in Ballarat
    • They have now got back to back GC’s
    • Booma got back to back RGC’s
  • The trailer makes life easier at times but more difficult at others – the size of it is both a blessing and a curse
    • The beds inside with the TV mean you can get a rest and a break and can stay out of the elements
  • The ‘social scene’ was intense on the Friday night
  • The Hand-Ins
    • They always do chicken thighs – six or eight in a box
    • They do cupcakes at the moment but will be switching to pillows coz they do better at the Royal – the lads are heading there later in the year
    • Apparently cupcakes get smashed there now – the fad has passed
    • They did ribs (but no crackle!)
    • They did brisket for beef
    • There were 18 briskets and 1 steak
    • Apparently the judges appreciated the steak as it gave them a break from all the rich briskets
  • They are going to start handing in KCBS style hand-ins at ABA comps as practice for the Royal
    • The class with Shake’n’Bake really opened their eyes to some new ways
    • You can’t separate the money muscle in the States
    • You can now separate the points from flats on briskets
  • The crackle on ribs incident
    • In Bundaberg, someone handed in crackle on ribs
    • Rules have since been changed so it can’t be done again
    • Handing in crackle is risky as it could give judges too much to have to think about
    • Jye prefers to just play it straight down the line
  • They snuck in a mid-week comp
    • The 1st Angus Invitational
    • 9 teams (should have been 10)
    • Tri Tip, Beef Cheek, Brisket, Sirloin were the hand-ins
    • Jye got sick on the Tuesday night and got Chris sick on the way home
    • They’d cooked Tri Tip once and had never cooked beef cheeks so they were just winging it
    • It was part of a conference for the Black Angus Society
    • There were prizes all the way down to last place
    • Half-hour hand-in windows during which time you had to also feed the crowd
    • At was an ABA Lite Competition
    • SFG handed in competition style recipes whereas other teams went a little more traditional for the regional judges
    • There were many styles of cookers there, not just smokers
  • On ABA Lite Competitions
    • If it weren’t for the people organising and the other teams, SFG probably wouldn’t have done the comp
    • $3,500 for GC and $2,000 for RGC down to $200 for last place
  • Next is Smoke in Broke, then the Royal, and the Invitational
    • They are thinking about heading to BBQ Mania 2 in NZ


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