061 Angus Reserve, Q Club & Gloucester

061 Angus Reserve, & Gloucester 2019

In a huge week for competition BBQ in Australia, we’ve had 4 competitions in just 7 days. We’ve had a sneaky mid-week ABA Lite competition hosted by Angus Reserve in Albury. Then, on the same weekend, we’ve had a Steak Cookoff Association competition at the Que Club in Melbourne, the Booval Barbecue Festival in Ipswich and Just Smokin’ in Gloucester. 

In this episode, of the podcast I get a hold of the winners of three of the four competitions and pick their brains on a huge range of topics, from steaks, to cookers, to the position of the Australian beef industry in the wider global market. 

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W / Chris from Grillahs in the Mist

  • The SCA
    • The only problem with steak hand-ins is that you can’t see inside
    • They solely use Green Mountain Grill Pellet Grills
    • Can heat up Grill Grates to 650F for the searing
  • The Angus Reserve Competition
    • It was a very professional, well-run event
    • The public was really inquisitive about how to cook the proteins
    • The beef was all supplied
      • 4 Tri Tip
      • 2 +5 Briskets
      • 12 Beef Cheeks
      • 2 full Strip Loins
  • How they did Tri-Tip
    • They’d never done it before, not even a practice
    • Most people reverse sear it, but it can come out a bit chewy
    • They cooked it like a brisket
      • Smoked
      • Boated
  • The Hand-In window:
    • They prefer to be at the middle to the end
    • They worry that if you’re first off the bat, the judges might not know where to place their scores
  • On flavour profiles
    • They prefer to go for a neutral flavour
    • They didn’t modify their flavour profile for a regional competition
    • They have a sponsorship with Oakridge
  • The competition venue
    • Very well set up
    • Stages in the middle
    • Lots of professional printing
    • It was a very interactive setting, showcasing both the meat and the cookers
  • He likes the GMG Cookers coz he doesn’t have to worry about them – it will just do what it’s told
  • Smoke in Broke is next for them
    • 60+ teams
    • Big prize money
  • The BBQ & Beer Roadshow
    • The boys wants to try a KCBS comp
  • The Angus Reserve Comp was an ABA Lite, so no points
    • They need another regular ABA to get their 3rd so they can get on the board
  • On ABA Lites
    • It’s the perfect competition for an event like this
    • If it weren’t for the event, they probably wouldn’t do more ABA Lites
    • The Lites are more suited to trade shows and conferences where the focus is more on the industry than the competition

W / Juzzy D fr JG BBQ

  • Co-owner of BBQ Supplies Melbourne
    • Formed with Jye Healey when they started out as Smokeface Grillahs
    • They were distributing Firebrand through Victoria
    • Things have changed and that business hasn’t done a lot for a while
  • JG BBQ
    • Started with the Offset Plate for the Kettle
    • He was using a Kettle in an offset manner and made his first prototype using terracotta pots
    • The idea is to stop cold air from touching the meat
    • Acts as a heat sink, controls the air better, includes burn efficiency
    • Using Heatbeads Briquettes, people get anywhere from 8 – 13 hours out of one load of Briquettes
  • Best practice
    • Fill the charcoal sink with briquettes and put six lit briquettes at one end and let it burn from one side to another
  • With the Weber Go Anywhere
    • Same principle in design to stop cold air touching the meat
    • Actually shortens the cooking time
    • Can add moisture with an aluminium pan full of water
    • Has enough room to do a whole chicken or a whole lamb shoulder
  • He has cooked up to an 8.5 kg brisket in a Kettle with the JG Offset Plate
  • At Que Club
    • They used to do comps as SFG, but now JG is doing them on his own
    • They had decided to focus just on ABA comps, but now JG’s decided to give it a crack alone
    • He got a Golden Ticket on his first attempt at the SCA
    • He was doing it all solo at Que Club
    • Presentations were 30 minutes after last hand-in which was appreciated
  • His SCA Hand-Ins
    • The One-Bite
      • His wife came up with the idea for a deep fried chicken waffle with bacon, maple syrup inside, and drizzled with maple syrup
      • The presentation wasn’t there on the day
    • Chili Con Carne
      • He puts his recipe together slowly, adding spice a little at a time
      • The most impressive one he saw was a Dorito-crusted, deep fried ball
    • The Steak
      • He hadn’t cooked a steak for two months in the lead up
      • He hadn’t done any practice cooks
      • He couldn’t remember the rubs he’d used in the past
      • He took a guess and liked what he came up with
      • He had just made a prototype for an offset plate for a Smokey Joe
      • He likes to reverse sear, smoking on a Smokey Joe with Heatbeads lump and Cheery chunks and Searing on a  Jumbo Joe with Grill Grates and Heatbeads blue briquettes
      • He likes his Grillgrates up around 600-650F
      • The second steak didn’t go quite as well
        • It was from a 60 month cow, not 30 months, so it was beefier
        • Finished 12th
  • He’s going to the Royal, and now he has a Golden Ticket
    • You can defer a Golden Ticket to another year, which he will do so they can just focus on the Royal
  • Dipper’s Backyard BBQ Wars
    • Shot everything in a week
    • It was so much fun
    • A lot of the banter was edited out of the final show, but it was fun the whole time
    • Season Two has been greenlit
    • Channel 7 were a bit skeptical at first but really got on board
  • Steak in an Open Beef Hand-In
    • It’s to be expected
    • The whole point of an open beef category is to see a wider selection of beef cuts
    • SFG will always do a whole brisket in an open beef category

W / Grant from Angus Reserve BBQ Crew

  • Returned to Houston again this year for the World’s BBQ Championships
    • They had a great time hanging out with people they knew including the BBQ Ninja
    • ‘It’s like State of Origin on steroids’
    • The Brazilian team had to clear the way through the crowd to the stage
  • The team name change
    • It’s a complete rebrand
    • Angus Reserve have come on board as a main sponsor so they rebranded to include them
    • All the rebranding measures have been done completely
  • Angus Reserve beef
    • They have different programs from 150 days to long term programs
    • It’s a flavour profile that does well in Texan areas
    • Fed on wheat & barley
    • The 1st place winners of brisket at Houston this year had used Angus Reserve
  • Angus Australia had a yearly conference in Albury
    • They wanted to put on a competition
    • They had to put it on as an ABA Lite, and as an Invitational
    • They invited ten of a list of 15 – 20 teams supplied by Grant
    • Angus Reserve supplied brisket, Rangers Valley supplied cheeks, Jacks Creek has the strip loin and Three Creek had the tri tips
    • All teams cooked the same cuts from the same suppliers
    • Day started at 5.30am and finished at 8pm at night
    • For many of the teams, it was their first time cooking those particular cuts
    • There were many different types of smokers and cookers at the comp
    • It was a U-shape, with a stage in the middle
  • Aussie Beef does very well in the export market
    • The hardest market to get beef into is the US, as they have a lot of their own beef, but there are many small niche markets that suppliers can get into
  • Gloucester for Just Smokin’
    • 13 teams after a few pulled out
    • Of the 13 teams, 8 of them went straight from Albury to Gloucester
    • There’s a little motel there so everyone stays in the motel together
    • There were 2 rounds of the SCA there too
    • Pillow for Chicken, Bone-In
    • They used St Louis ribs from Sunpork
    • Lamb ribs and cutlets
    • Pulled pork and money muscle
    • Brisket for Open Beef and Oyster Blade, marble 7
  • Steak in Open Beef
    • He’s not a fan
    • The true challenge is brisket
  • They’re doing Smoke in Broke, and the BBQ & Beer Roadshow in Brisbane in preparation for their next trip to the States, then Brisbane, Kingaroy, the Dam, Hope Winery, and the Invitational


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