062 Winners from Smoke in Broke 2019

Smoke in Broke

061 Angus Reserve, & Gloucester 2019

In this episode I get in the ears of the Reserve Grand Champion and Grand Champion winners from Smoke in Broke last weekend. So I kick things off with Richard from Beer-B-Q who reveals some very interesting things about the smoker that they cooked most of their hand-ins on. After that, I chat once again with Jye from Smokeface Grillahs – the team that just can’t stop winning. We get into what it’s like living with a Myron Mixon H2O, and how the point end of the national ladder works under the 2019 ABA rule changes.

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With Richard from Beer-B-Q

  • They weren’t going to do Broke, but took it on at the last minute after another competition they were going to compete in got cancelled
  • They started as a group of mates who got into barbecue about 2 years ago
  • They’ve been competing just less than two years and already got their RGC
  • Pork, Pork Ribs, Brisket, Lamb & Chicken
  • Borrowed a Myron Mixon H20 from 2 Smokin’ Arabs
    • This was the third time they’ve cooked on it, and their first in a competition
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd were all cooked on Myron Mixon smokers
  • Brisket
    • They used a hand-made rub
    • The lamb was slightly modified from usual
    • They went slightly just too spicy with the chicken
  • They were two people down on the team and still pulled off RGC
  • Facebook Messenger has changed the way that the team communicates with each other, making it much easier
  • Consistency is probably their biggest secret to success
  • They were really impressed with the juiciness of the meat as it was coming off the H20
  • They are looking at upgrading their smoker
    • They were looking at 24 or 30 inch trailer pits
    • Now they are considering a Myron but price is a concern
    • The new smoker would need to have the capacity to do catering gigs
  • Loading a Myron on and off a trailer would be very hard so they’re attracted to the trailer for the maneuverability
  • They prefer standard flows and would consider an insulated firebox
  • They were supposed to be dialling it back this year as three out of the four guys are having babies
    • The RGC is making them question whether they will back off or not
  • Smoke in Broke was only their third comp of the year, having down Meat in Mudgee and Girakool
  • Broke has to be one of the best comps they’ve ever attended
    • The teams are the main event, not a sideshow
    • They were able to sell sponsors’ products as well as their own merch
    • The public was able to taste what the teams are cooking
  • They do small catering gigs for friends and friends of friends to make some money coming back it
  • Richard is a project manager in finance by day
    • His team mates are an electrician and machinist
  • In the future, they’re thinking the Dam Hotel, Hope Estate, Kangaroo Valley
  • They are now in the ballot for the Invitational. If they were invited, they would definitely do it
  • 3 top tips for cooking on a Myron Mixon smoker
    • Make sure you have a water source available at your site at the comps
    • Start with a charcoal base – either briquettes or lump and treat it like an offset adding iron bark for smoke
    • If you have to manually fill the water trough, don’t let the water get too low – adding too much cold water will ruin your temperature control

With Jye from Smokeface Grillahs

  • They won GC and Brisket King at Smoke in Broke
  • They wanted to do it last year, but didn’t get there so when Port Maq got cancelled, they had to get into Broke
  • Broke is an event purely about BBQ
    • The crowd was unbelievable with thousands of people pouring in
    • Being in a campground, they were able to have fires and whatnot and spend a lot of time catching up with people
  • Pour old Doug had his Yeti taken from him again
  • Brisket King started last year by Scotch ‘n Smoke
    • Entry is a $50 or greater bottle of alcohol
    • Whoever cooked best brisket AND entered the competition took the prize
    • Ended up with 40-odd bottles
    • They had just done a class the week before and thought they’d cooked their best ever flat and used up all their luck
    • The burnt ends were ‘next level amazing’
    • They won a Manhorne Smoker that they’d already dragged up to the competition
    • They even won one of Justin’s JG Plates
  • Smoke in Broke was their 7th GC in 18 months
  • SFG are now in the ‘300 Club’ with Butcher’s Axe, but the Axe are ahead coz they’ve beat four more teams than SFG
  • Registering first and paying later is proving to be a problem for promoters
    • The best solution is to pay upon registration
    • It is commitment and assurance for promoters so they can plan accordingly
  • Living with a Myron Mixon Smoker
    • Need a good sized pump to keep the water up to the smoker
    • They’re like a stick-burning Gateway drum but you get a wood-burning flavour and effect
    • Of 7 GC’s, the last 5 have been in the Myron
    • They cook everything in the Myron: all of the hand-ins
    • The water doesn’t lock in the bark like a traditional offset, but seems to have more moisture
    • There’s a panel in the back to run a house in for manual filling
    • The water acts as a heat sink to stabilise the temperatures, but will trick you if the fire goes out – the temp gauge won’t drop til well after the fire has gone out
    • Needs another stick about every 45 minutes
    • H20 owners in the States believe that the water adds to the bark
    • Jye imported his before they started selling them in Australia
    • Cost him about $12,000 to get it all the way to his house
    • With 2 shelves, 12 briskets. With 3 shelves, 18 – 20 briskets
    • Being square sided, you can pack meat right up to the edge
    • At a comp, on one shelf they can fit:
      • 2 briskets
      • 2 butts
      • 12 chicken thighs
      • 4 racks of lamb
      • 4 racks of pork ribs
    • The ‘60’ (the model Jye has) has a similar capacity to a 30 inch smoker
    • They have fit 2 x 25 kilo pigs in there, one on each shelf
    • It only gets used for comp cooks
  • At home Jye cooks on Gateway drums
    • He got his from the Que Club
    • Then he got another one
    • He puts Heat Bead lump in there and is at 300F in 15 minutes
    • They end up acting like a pressure cooker
    • They have been turning out briskets in 4 hours, a lamb shoulder in 3 – 4 hours
    • He doesn’t add a water pan or deflector plate
    • The meat goes straight over the coals so you get a woody char flavour
    • You have to cut your meat differently, with more fat, to protect the underside of the meat
  • The Broke cook was 80% KCBS style


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