085 SHC After Dark at Kangaroo Valley

SHC After Dark at Kangaroo Valley

085 SHC at Kangaroo Valley



This is Episode Fifteen of Season Five. And this episode is very different from anything you’ve heard from Smoking Hot Confessions before. Typically, SHC podcast eps are quite structured and have a clear purpose and outcomes. For this episode, I was chatting with Nick from Scotch n Smoke and Matt from Shire Smokers when we decided to flick on the audio recorder. Shark Island Brewing saw what we were up to and made sure we had all the hydration that we’d need. The result is a kind of ‘relaxed fit’ episode, which when I think about it, is probably perfect for BBQ! Make sure you let me know in the socials if you like this style of episode and if enough of you are into it, I’ll add it to the roster for 2020! Oh, and there are a couple of bad words in this episode, so if you’re listening with kids you might want to warn them.

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  • Episode guests are Matt from Shire Smokers and Nic from Scotch and Smoke
  • Shout out to Shark Island for supplying us the beers
  • The boys have a northern beaches / southern beaches friendly rivalry
  • They are connected thru BBQ and Rugby
  • The trip from south to north across Sydney is quite difficult and explains why people are upset by the time they face each other at a rugby game
  • They find that the personalities are similar between competitive rugby and competitive BBQ
    • The fellowship is similar
    • Helping each other out
    • Having a beer and having fun after the competition is over
    • The relationships you make are more important than the competitions
    • The way that the BBQ community takes care of each other is similar to rugby. People help you with accomodation, jobs etc
  • BBQ Dads – are that a thing? 
    • Both of them are looking forward for their daughters to get involved
  • Nic is looking forward to seeing one of the kids come through to adults leagues and slaying them
    • Ty Machado has done exactly that
    • Malcolm Reed has his son compete under his wife’s name
  • KV has laser tag, jumping castles, helicopter rides and more
  • The SCA hand-ins:
    • Nic won Anything on a Stick last year, and handed in the same thing which got 5th this year
    • Nic got 7th in Steak, and dessert in 14th
      • He refuses to use Grill Grates, and does them on a Heston Cube
    • The best way to do steaks is the keep it simple: SPG and a garlic butter bath before grilling
  • Matt thinks there are so many resources out there and so much information that it can get confusing and people are doing too much to their proteins. It’s time to keep it simple
  • Nic: know your timing and get it refined
  • Matt loves the 30 minute hand-in windows
  • The creativity in SCA hand-ins is incredible
    • Nic and his team mate Scott have phone call brainstorms where they come up with ideas for what to do
    • Nic did lobster and wagyu steak on a stick
    • Nic did a garlic naan taco with chicken tikka, butter chicken sauce, mango chutney and more
    • Nic has a chef on the team and wants nothing to do with the SCA 
  • Scotty is leaving Scotch n Smoke to move to England next year
    • They will be looking for new team members for 2020
  • The Invitational:
    • The lads went there the weekend before KV
    • It was a great event
    • Black Bear are now up to 3 locations
  • Nic’s hand-ins at The Invitational
    • They put vinegar and heat on their pork, which was delicious
      • It got 1st at Meatstock and last at The Invitational
  • Matt caught up with Hayden from Black Bear
    • They’d hired jumping castles and rides which were free on admission
    • There was clearly a focus on the family thing
    • They have big plans for 2020
  • The Invitational is a very different festival to Meatstock. Meatstock is all about meat, the Invitational was more family focussed and more affordable to get it
  • In 5 years, the competition BBQ scene has gone from $5k to $50k
    • Australia now is a world destination for BBQ competitions
    • The Nigerian team wasn’t able to make is as their visas got rejected
  • The Cairns BBQ Classic
    • $50k prize pool
    • Scotch and Smoke is going to drive up to Bundy so will investigate getting up to Cairns
  • The Kangaroo Valley competition
    • Scotch and Smoke won the first one
    • Matt and his Shire Smokers team are the only ones who’ve been there every year
    • The first year it was very small, just immediately behind the pub
    • Now there are two football field sized fields full of teams, attractions etc
    • Draws interstate teams now
    • It’s less complicated to do
    • It’s close to home
  • Burleigh BBQ Championships
    • It’s run for 5 years
    • Matt and Nic both love it
    • Australian BBQ owes a lot to Greg Dean, the founder of the Burleigh BBQ Championships
    • Greg wrote the Aussie Wood Matrix
      • It was the first community based BBQ project sharing of knowledge
  • Jam Wood
    • Popular in WA
    • Has a sweet smell as it burns
  • Cooking for competitions, we all include some fruit or nut woods for slight colour differences, but at home, we all just cook on Iron Bark
    • Banksia nuts will give your meat a similar colour to cherry, but tastes like oak
    • Don’t use ones that are hairy and unopened
  • Matt’s first BBQ competition was in Montreal
    • He had to struggle with doing everything in French on top of everything else
  • Nic lived in New York for a year, with rugby
    • He sent three emails to a rugby club and they fixed him up with a job and accomodation
  • Matt met his wife while playing rugby in Montreal
  • For both of them, BBQ has filled the community void left in their lives after leaving the rugby scene after reaching a certain age
  • Prepping meat before the comps is a key to success: get the briskets, chickens etc done and then you can relax and enjoy at the comp
  • Full chicken drums are making a comeback in competition BBQ
    • Judges might think you’ve done nothing to prepare them
    • Myron Mixon is tipping that this will be next
  • Brisket slices can end up with the texture of canned tuna if taken too far
  • Nic from Scotch and Smoke did Burleigh 2019 – 7 hand-ins, 30 minutes apart
    • Had one knife and one chopping board
    • Dish B!#$H Ribney saved their butts
  • There are quite a few new teams coming through and their passion and excitement is infectious
  • After comp feeds
    • Nic – chicken katsu
    • Ben – Pad Thai
    • Matt – Poke and Salad: it’s a Hawaiin dish
  • In 2019
    • ABA has changed their approach to competitions, opening the door for KCBS
    • We’re now seeing big $ competitions
    • What do the lads think will happen in 2020? 
      • KCBS doesn’t put out a calendar months ahead which makes it difficult to plan
      • Nic thinks we’ll see more KCBS come in
      • The ABA National Ladder is a huge attractor 
      • A lot of teams will choose one or the other
  • KCBS will track Judging and tell the on-the-ground organiser where to sit the judges on each individual table, avoiding the table of death
  • BBQ Bingo – a nickname given to the judging process in competition BBQ
  • The understanding is that SCA will either be standalone or partnered with ABA due to agreements
  • The teams to watch in 2020
    • Nic: Could be anyones game, Butterscotch BBQ???
    • Matt: Lance Rosen, Kurt Hidayat
    • Ben: Dr Cue
  • Indigenous meats in competition BBQ
    • Matt doesn’t think we’ll see kangaroo in competitions until we start seeing kangaroo on the average family’s dinner table at least once a fortnight



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