The Day I Became A BBQ Judge…

The Day I Became a

There comes a day in every boy’s life when he becomes a man. For me it was the day I became a judge for the Australasian BBQ Alliance. Yes ladies and gentlemen I am now a genuine, bona fide, electrified BBQ judge! 

It was a quiet Tuesday evening and I was sitting at home trawling through the various BBQ pages on Facebook when the ever-amazing Adam from the Australasian BBQ Alliance put out a call seeking expressions of interest in a BBQ judge’s course on the Gold Coast. I couldn’t reply fast enough. There was some back and forth about whether the course should be in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast but then Josh Lawson from BLVD offered his restaurant in Springfield Lakes as a location and a compromise was reached.

The ABA - Awesomeness!
It's a hard knock life for a BBQ judge...

And so it was that I bid farewell to my loving family on a sunny Sunday morning, jumped in my truck and headed to Springfield: a boy soon to become a BBQ judge-man-guy.

I hadn’t been out to Springfield Lakes since some friends of mine bought a house out there when the suburb was founded in 2001 and was amazed by just how much the place had grown. I arrived at the beautiful BLVD and was met by Adam and introduced myself to the group of roughly 30. I even spotted a famous face: Mitch from the Meat Sweats was there!

I got my hand out from Adam and settled in for his presentation. We ran through the different aspects of judging BBQ including some of the finer points of what constitutes quality tastes and textures. Being the good student that I am (read ‘nerd’) I took copious notes and was able to ask some burning questions that I had.

Once the training was over we all had a great lunch: sample trays of Josh Lawson’s own BBQ stylings. This was actually great research as Josh is also fielding a team of his own in the upcoming Burleigh BBQ competition so I was able to get an inside look into what I’m up against.

Adam from the ABA

Yesterday I was very excited when I opened up my email and saw Adam’s name pop up. My documents had been processed and I was issued my BBQ judge’s number. It should be easy to remember: 123!

So now my winter is definitely heating up: there’s the Brisbane Low’n’Slow Festival mid-July, and Burleigh BBQ Comp in the first weekend of August and the Bangalow BBQ & Bluegrass festival in the second weekend of August. I’m going to have to find a weight-loss hobby for Spring though!


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