The Day I Learned the True Meaning of a ‘Working BBQ’…

The Day I Learned the
of a 'Working BBQ'

Part Two of my Adventures in Vietnam

(Part One is over here, and Part Three is over here.)

A few weeks ago I shared with you the story of when I Chickened out of eating Vietnamese BBQ on a work trip earlier in the year. This chapter of the story details a very valuable lesson I learnt about need vs want

A trademark of capitalist cultures is our constant feeling of a need for the next thing: we’re always looking for bigger and better. I always knew conceptually that this was a conditioned response, that our society is based on this exact principle. And yet I always found myself doing exactly that, in almost every facet of my life. Even down to writing this blog: I’ve got a good camera but I check the sales to see if I can afford a higher end one. Same with my laptop, my smart phone, and the list continues. I own eight (yes, eight!) BBQ’s and yet I regularly check Gumtree for hidden gems.

On the day that I was walking around the Old Quarter of Ho Chi Minh City, I did indeed Chicken out of eating Vietnamese BBQ, but I noticed something very interesting. While in our Capitalist countries we believe that people will come to our businesses because we have flash machines or the latest technology, these people were running businesses using things that they built themselves out of what would be trash in our countries.

I saw people running a restaurant using a BBQ that they’d built out of a filing cabinet. Another one looked like it had once been a refrigeration unit which had been converted into some kind of rotisserie and then into a basic grill. And yet another was working using a coffee can with charcoal in the bottom and chicken skewers on the top. These truly were working BBQ’s.

It made me realise the potential in what I already have rather than the potential that I could see in the next thing. It was a real eye-opener and I believe a priceless lesson.

So what’s something that you already have that you haven’t yet appreciated for it’s full potential? Let me know in the comments below!

This looks to me like it used to be some kind refrigeration unit
A quick squiz inside reveals what looks like bulk rotisserie mounts
Working BBQs 5
This lady appears to be using a large coffee can
Working BBQs 4
As best as I can figure, this used to be a filing cabinet
Working BBQs 1
I don't know what this is, but it's definitely home made


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4 thoughts on “The Day I Learned the True Meaning of a ‘Working BBQ’…

  1. I read a post here a day or two ago, about a guy who’s father would build a fire in a pit, when hed coal, he would transfer them to another pit and he had a grill for that pit and that was the family BBQ for over 30 years.

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